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Rabbits biting...

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chabbychic Tue 10-Aug-10 19:55:07

Should I spend £180 neutering them?! They are two females and about 4 months old. Keep biting my son - I don't see the point of having pets that bite!

chabbychic Wed 11-Aug-10 08:35:53


spacedog Wed 11-Aug-10 19:31:31

Yes neuter them for lots of reasons, it may cost you a lot more if you don't do it and they start to fight or later develop uterine cancer- the vet might want to wait a month or two though. Rabbits take time to get used to being handled, you will need to get your son to back off a bit really. Go slowly to build up trust. Start with sitting in their run, hands off. Don't even look at them. As time goes on they will come over to sniff and eventually will allow stroking. Some rabbits will tolerate being picked up and some will never like it. It's their nature to hate being off the ground or grabbed at because of predators. When you hold them sit on the ground with them. At 4 months of age they are babies and it's much to early to write them off as untameable.

chabbychic Thu 12-Aug-10 13:30:13

Thanks, that's really helpful.

FleurDelacour Thu 12-Aug-10 13:46:42

I second what spacedog says. I'd also add make sure they have plenty of space and things to do. My two female angora lops have piles of newspapers to tear up and boxes to chew. They don't like being picked up but are happy to be stroked if I sit down with them. They will jump up onto sofas or beds to be stroked and to get attention too.

Rabbits aren't really suitable pets for small children unless a parents is keen on them and will ensure they aren't handled inappropriately. Guinea pigs are a better bet for the under tens IME.

chabbychic Fri 13-Aug-10 07:29:22

Yes I know guinea-pigs are better, unfortunately my son's allergic. Thanks for all the helpful advice.

dikkertjedap Sat 14-Aug-10 22:35:28

our rabbit only became really friendly and tame when she was left on her own (other rabbit died from parasite infection). was told by vet that best pet rabbits are usually ones on their own because then they really focus on people for attention.

notjustapuppymum Sun 15-Aug-10 19:30:59

My female rabbit was v aggressive so had her neutered and didn't help a bit.

She only liked men, we Dad was the only one who could touch her or feed her without getting bitten or growled at.

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