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Vet in France (Cherbourg or Bayeux)?

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orienteerer Wed 04-Aug-10 20:08:12

OK, tried this in "Living Abroad" thread but nil response. I am looking for a recommendation for a vet in Normandy (ideally between Bayeux & Cherbourg). We're off on holiday with dog and need a vet for the usual PETS stuff (tick & worm) prior to our return to UK. Can anyone help? English speaking vet would be great but we'll cope anyway. Should add we used to live abroad so have previously "imported" the same dog 3 times, so we know the system, but never via Normandy.

bevhardy Fri 21-Jun-19 10:38:34

Hi, did you find a good vet in the Bayeux/Cherbourg area? We will need one too in that area soon. I would really appreciate any recommendations/tips. Many thanks.

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