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To ask you to please help these 2 little girls stay in the UK, they face FGM in Nigeria

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Topaz25 Tue 22-Apr-14 21:18:30

This petition really moved me, please sign and share:

"Afusat Saliu, faces being returned to Nigeria. She has removal directions for 25th April. If she goes back, there is a real risk of forcible FGM on her daughters. She fled to the UK when her step-mother expressed a wish to have her daughter Bassy cut. Bassy will be four in May; two year old Rashidat was born in London - Afusat fled while she was heavily pregnant.

In Afusat's village, FGM is usually performed on babies, which is when Afusat herself was cut. If she is made to return and her family catch up with her, it is likely that she will be powerless to protect them from being mutilated. Afusat is also in danger as she escaped a forced marriage to a man 40 years her senior to whom her family is indebted."

McPhee Tue 22-Apr-14 21:19:54

signed x

SpiderNugent Tue 22-Apr-14 21:20:44

we cant save the whole world unfortunately

i am sure she doesnt need to go back to that particular village if she is not happy with it

no sorry wont be signing

2blackcats2 Tue 22-Apr-14 21:20:47


Topaz25 Tue 22-Apr-14 21:22:02

It's not just that particular village that's the problem though is it?
"Nigeria, due to its large population, has the highest absolute number of female genital mutilation (FGM) worldwide, accounting for about one-quarter of the estimated 115–130 million circumcised women in the world."

TooOldForGlitter Tue 22-Apr-14 21:23:18


gordyslovesheep Tue 22-Apr-14 21:23:24

signed x

Ruushii Tue 22-Apr-14 21:24:03

I signer earlier. Its horrible.

yellowdinosauragain Tue 22-Apr-14 21:24:07


Ruushii Tue 22-Apr-14 21:24:10

Signed even!

Alisvolatpropiis Tue 22-Apr-14 21:24:23

I signed.

Harsh attitude spider. What does signing a petition cost you?

Youdontneedacriminallawyer Tue 22-Apr-14 21:25:43

would need to know more details before signing.

Topaz25 Tue 22-Apr-14 21:28:04

Here's an article about the case:

Impatientismymiddlename Tue 22-Apr-14 21:28:28

One quarter of 115 million women is around the size of the UKs female adult population (probably more) so as much as I am very tempted to sign the petition I am not going to. I feel terrible for not signing but I am concerned about the 'floodgate argument'. I hope that if these girls are at greater risk than other Nigerian girls then our home office will reach the correct decision when they assess the case. I think petitions are designed to make people feel guilty by only presenting the information that will prey on people's guilt and sympathy. I will be more open and willing to sign if I had some facts and figures rather than a 'guilt trip'.

Bicnod Tue 22-Apr-14 21:29:23


WooWooOwl Tue 22-Apr-14 21:29:30

I need more details before signing too. Why were they refused asylum?

I also agree with the sentiment that we can't save the world. FGM is a horrible thing, but is so widespread that we can't possibly be responsible for providing for everyone in the world who is at risk from it.

Dementedhousewife Tue 22-Apr-14 21:29:35


Lighthousekeeping Tue 22-Apr-14 21:30:25


FreudiansSlipper Tue 22-Apr-14 21:33:53


yes FGM is a terrible thing, if by signing an online petition I may help stop just one young girl having this barbaric act performed on her that will cause her pain throughout her life I am more than willing to do so

we can not save the world but we can all try to make lives of others safer

gordyslovesheep Tue 22-Apr-14 21:38:55

fuck me ! No we can't 'save the world' but signing might save two tiny girls - what is wrong with people sad

Fairylea Tue 22-Apr-14 21:41:37


No we can't save the world but 2 minutes to add your name to a page is a start.....!!

NurseyWursey Tue 22-Apr-14 21:41:51

Why were they denied asylum?

I'll sign of course but I think there's more than just this here and does it automatically mean any woman at risk of FGM should have asylum?

Topaz25 Tue 22-Apr-14 21:43:02

I tend to think 'we can't save the world but we can try,' rather than 'we can't save the world so why try?'

FreudiansSlipper Tue 22-Apr-14 21:43:14

they are not women hmm they are very very young girls

MooseyMouse Tue 22-Apr-14 21:44:18


Stunned that some of you think it's not worth it.

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