I'm dying of MND and I need your help. Please.

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MummywithMND Tue 30-Mar-21 23:43:16

Will you be the women I need to back me?
There have been some very dark days in the time since my diagnosis. I remember the months right after where I would sleep, fitfully, then wake at 4am and sob over V's cot telling her how sorry I was. I remember falling and breaking bones; never to walk again. I remember standing for the very last time. I remember the realisation that I couldn't breathe well enough to keep myself alive...

I also remember finding out that funding for MND research was unjustifiably low and it felt like a kick in the guts. How could I ever hope for a cure with under four million pounds a year?

Now I need you.

The government are listening, they are talking to us, but we don't yet have an agreement and we need to show them how important this is. I need you to fight for us.

Sign this petition, led by Doddie Weir, to tell the government that you want 50 million pounds over 5 years to fund targeted MND research

Sign the petition because MND is devestating and 1 in 300 people will get it.
Sign the petition because 200,000 of the current UK population will die of it.
Sign the petition because MND is not incurable it is just under funded.
Sign the petition because my beautiful little girl needs her Mummy.

Please. Sign it and ask everyone you know to sign it ❤️


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Osirus Tue 30-Mar-21 23:54:27

I signed it this morning when I saw it on Facebook. I assume it’s the same one I saw on a particularly popular equine group?

Best wishes to you. MND is a terrifying disease and more absolutely needs to be done.

PurplePeach83 Tue 30-Mar-21 23:55:25

I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through, OP. I have signed for you. Good luck with reaching the signature target and wish you all the best.

MummywithMND Tue 30-Mar-21 23:55:51

That's me, yes. Thank you so much x

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crazychick89 Tue 30-Mar-21 23:57:32

Signed x

littlecrocodiles Tue 30-Mar-21 23:58:01

Signed, my heart goes out to you.
I really hope a cure can be found, or treatment to slow down its progression.

Sadly I know from a close relative just how devastating MND is. I will be thinking of you flowers

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing Wed 31-Mar-21 00:01:08

Gosh OP. I’m so sad for you. You sound so brave.

Really hoping a cure or treatment can be found.


Ellpellwood Wed 31-Mar-21 00:02:40

Signed, OP. flowers

GertiMJN Wed 31-Mar-21 00:09:05


A truly cruel and devastating disease. You are incredible Mummy with MND flowers

Freddiefox Wed 31-Mar-21 00:10:39


WildImaginings Wed 31-Mar-21 00:14:43

I have just signed flowers

Lalliella Wed 31-Mar-21 00:16:18

Signed OP. Very sorry for what you are going through flowers

blueshoes Wed 31-Mar-21 00:16:48

Signed xx

Thierryhenryneedisaymore Wed 31-Mar-21 00:17:15


PeggyArmstrong Wed 31-Mar-21 00:17:37

Signed x

Peta11 Wed 31-Mar-21 00:18:40

Signed, wishing you well ❤

steadysallyhope Wed 31-Mar-21 00:19:29

Signed xxx

ITSADOGSLIFE21 Wed 31-Mar-21 00:20:03

I have also signed. ❤

Caramelsmadfuzzytail Wed 31-Mar-21 00:21:04

Signed. My mother had mnd. She lived with it for 5 years before dying in 2014. Unfortunately our relationship wasn't great. She had bulbar palsy.

Dita73 Wed 31-Mar-21 00:26:21

Already signed. I lost my cousin to MND last month. We’re all devastated. Sending love to you ♥️

alwayscrashinginthesamecar1 Wed 31-Mar-21 00:26:48

My heart goes out to you. My lovely brother in law was diagnosed early last year, he has two little kids too. I've signed it.

Homehaircuts Wed 31-Mar-21 00:27:58

Singed flowers

Gettingthereslowly2020 Wed 31-Mar-21 00:28:24

Signed the petition and donated to the MND Association. Only a small amount but every little helps.

Homehaircuts Wed 31-Mar-21 00:28:30

Signed! blush

PastMyBestBeforeDate Wed 31-Mar-21 00:28:42

When I was going through diagnosis for MS, that or MND were the likely outcomes. MS was the better outcome. Who knew MS would be the better outcome in any situation?
Yes, I'll sign.

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