The forgotten few

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youcanthandlethetruth Sun 10-Jan-21 21:42:09

There has been a lot of talk of teachers having increased risk but my family members are in the police and fire service are constantly in and out of houses.

Think about it. My family member has Covid (asymptomatic) and your family member who is vulnerable calls for fire or police.

Well guess what, they are walking the virus into their house. Sorry but they are. All the months of the vulnerable being careful could be undone if an emergency service has Covid.

Doctors are prioritised, why can ambulance, fire and police also not be prioritised. They aren’t even on the list to be vaccinated. It’s ridiculous they have worked the ENTIRE way through the pandemic on the front line facing risk everyday for us and this is how we thank them.

They are the forgotten

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Booph Sun 10-Jan-21 21:44:43

I don't think they're particularly forgotten, they were given flu jabs for the first time this year and the police in particular are pushing to get higher on the vaccination list.

Prisons on the other hand have massive outbreaks frequently but this is not reported and little is said because they are full of people society would rather forget.

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