To think making most of London cost £15 to drive in is wrong? A petition!

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MarriedtoDaveGrohl Sun 25-Oct-20 19:26:03

As you may or may not know 'someone' is trying to extend the congestion charge (supposedly to stop too much traffic in inner London which has tubes everywhere) to everything inside the north circular! So dropping kids off - no. Driving to Homebase/supermarkets - no. Going to a shopping centre like Westfield's. No.

It's completely batshit crazy! Bike lanes everywhere (great if you're young and don't live too far from work but otherwise useless). 20mph everywhere now. Ubers driving around the whole time. So it's slooowww. And now this.

Even if you don't drive this will affect you because anyone driving will have to pay including companies doing deliveries. Honestly so sick of this rubbish. The councils are spending millions putting physical bollards in roads to make cycle lanes (very dangerous as they cut the roads in half). So they could just not spend money on that instead.

Here's the petition.

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MarriedtoDaveGrohl Sun 25-Oct-20 19:58:38

It doesn't make sense. It covers vast areas of London where there's not great public transport. Not to mention if you are taking children to school etc!

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fiftiesmum Sun 25-Oct-20 19:33:30

Seems bizarre that it covers the A2, A12 and Blackwell tunnel pushing everyone towards the Woolwich ferry or even the Dartford crossing causing congestion elsewhere and people having to drive much further

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