Petition Asking for Public Inquiry into Grooming Gangs

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George4444 Thu 13-Aug-20 16:59:09


As a member of Mumsnet you may wish to sign the Petition asking for a public inquiry into grooming gangs and child sexual exploitation.

Click the link and sign.

Feel free to share the link.

The public inquiry will answer what happened, who was to blame and what is to be done to stop the terrible abuse created by grooming gangs in the future.

Thanks for supporting this important petition for the safety of all our children.

ps if the link does not work you can google the petition and find it on the official parliamentary website.

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George4444 Wed 19-Aug-20 16:44:52

Hi All,

This important petition has now reached 6680 signatures. To all those from Mumsnet who have signed Thank you.

click and share the link.

At 10,000 signatures the government will provide a reply to the question of providing a public inquiry in the grooming gang scandal.

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George4444 Wed 02-Sep-20 11:06:21


The Petition asking the Government to set up a public inquiry into grooming gangs has passed the 7500 point. Three quarters of the way to 10,000 when the government will be asked for a written reply.

If you have an questions about the petition let me know. Some details:

The petition is supported by the Maggie Oliver Foundation which is a Charity for survivors
There has not been a public inquiry into grooming gangs so far. There is much research and other investigations into failings.
I am a business person and not in any way political or linked to any political party or organisation.
When you are signing the petition its important to click on the link that the petition body sends to your email address. If you don't click to confirm your signature is not recorded.
To get a public inquiry we have to show that there is public concern. The deadline for the close of the petition is Feb 2021. We have to get more than 25,000 signatures, which was achieved by the last petition in 2018. Ideally we would get over 100, 000 signatures.

Here is the link

Thanks to those who have signed and shared the petition so far.

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George4444 Mon 12-Oct-20 10:13:54

The Petition for a public inquiry into grooming gangs, when over 10,000 signatures at the weekend, which is fantastic. Big thanks to all that have signed and shared the link.

The government will now respond. The response may be soon or in a few months time.

The current II CSE investigation has been criticized by professionals and survivors. Maggie Oliver recently called it a white wash.

Its now time for a proper Public Inquiry that does not shy aware from asking the difficult questions about grooming gangs. Three core questions all public inquiries seek answers to: What happened, Who is to blame, What recommendations to be put in place to prevent this every happening again.

Thanks again for all your support


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MarriedtoDaveGrohl Sun 25-Oct-20 21:59:03

I'm signing. This needs addressing.

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