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Open Letter to the British Film Institute

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samanthastephens Wed 13-Jun-18 22:59:03

This is such an important petition for women's rights to support women in film without this being once again about men. The petition is here.

Please support women who work in film!

"The BFI is to be applauded for organising the summit ‘Woman with a Movie Camera’ as the centrepiece event of this month’s schedule celebrating women in film. It is important to acknowledge that what makes this summit necessary are the oppressive power relations anchored in the sex-based stratification of the film industry, which make it difficult for women to begin and sustain a career in film. Research conducted by the University of Southampton in 2016 found that women are under-represented across all six key production roles, comprising only: 13% of directors, 20% of screenwriters, 27% of producers, 18% of exec-producers, 17% of editors, and 7% of all cinematographers....As women who work within the film industry and as those in solidarity with these women, we are writing to ask why you have selected a male as the keynote speaker."

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