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To find myself actually agreeing with something Katie Hopkins said?

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NeverTwerkNaked Mon 02-Apr-18 16:02:41

Ok. Got your attention! Have no idea of anything she has said recently but it is most unlikely I would agree.

Now, please read on: at the moment if someone has been drink driving and is involved in a serious accident it is incredibly tempting for them to flee the scene and many do. Please read this petition, started by the family member of someone left to die by the roadside in a hit and run
a mumsnetter linked to it and has been trying to get interest in it .... please consider signing and sharing so we can at least get this to the 10000 mark and get a government response.

My first boyfriend died by the roadside after a hit and run, not instantly but before an ambulance could reach him. I hate thinking what pain he must have suffered.

StormcloakNord Mon 02-Apr-18 16:03:52

That worked, def got my attention. Have signed & shared!

NeverTwerkNaked Mon 02-Apr-18 16:06:40

Thank you smile

Here’s the original thread:

BertrandRussell Mon 02-Apr-18 16:07:31

You know what? I’ll sign the petition because I think it’s a good one. But I was tempted not to because of the clickbait arsehattery. I hate being treated like an idiot.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 02-Apr-18 16:09:12

Ypu didn't have to use her name to get our attention when you're talking about an extremely serious matter. Why not just say.
Please sign this petition.
Sorry about your loss will sign. X

NeverTwerkNaked Mon 02-Apr-18 16:11:02

Well there was a serious thread and not much interest in it...

RelapsedChocoholic Mon 02-Apr-18 16:12:17

Signed, just an fyi the link in your post isn’t a clicky link on mobile- I went to the original thread

I love the thread title tbugrin

Imsosceptical Mon 02-Apr-18 16:12:34

Actually, gonna say she can be annoying and irritating but many times I do think ‘you’re not wrong there...’ was actually mentioning KH that got me interested in the thread xx

KiraL Mon 02-Apr-18 16:12:42

Spider in all honesty I don’t click on the “please sign this petition” threads.

But I did click on this one and have now signed, so good for the OP, it’s worked.

NeverTwerkNaked Mon 02-Apr-18 16:14:53

Argh. Don’t know why it didn’t work as a link! It does work in the original op though along with a better explanation!

Imsosceptical Mon 02-Apr-18 16:17:26

PS signed it xxx

Mydoghatesthebath Mon 02-Apr-18 16:17:53

Signed op I think you were very wise to do this as I had ignored the original and the mention of KH caught my eye.

mumsiedarlingrevolta Mon 02-Apr-18 16:22:16

we'll done OP star as I have bumped the other thread several times and have been amazed that it has gotten so little attention!!

Whatsmymethod Mon 02-Apr-18 16:27:54

Well done never.
It now has 4393 signatures smile

scrabbler3 Mon 02-Apr-18 16:28:18

Katie is right, OP is right. Petition signed!

Moominfan Mon 02-Apr-18 16:29:41


NeverTwerkNaked Mon 02-Apr-18 16:34:50

Thank you to those signing smile

JacksonAveryIsTheDream Mon 02-Apr-18 16:38:05

Signed and bumping this for you

DarthArts Mon 02-Apr-18 16:38:55

Bump bump

GhostsToMonsoon Mon 02-Apr-18 16:40:08

I signed after reading the other thread and have shared it on my Facebook. I really hope it can get up to 10,000 signatures.

GhostsToMonsoon Mon 02-Apr-18 16:43:39

Clicky link to petition

Whatsmymethod Mon 02-Apr-18 16:44:14

4410 signatures.

xisapurudo Mon 02-Apr-18 16:44:23

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

NeverTwerkNaked Mon 02-Apr-18 16:45:45

Thank you ghosts

pepperpot99 Mon 02-Apr-18 16:46:50

That last post and link looks b v not click!!!

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