Help Save Children's Centres Nationally - Please Sign our e-Petition

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kkbonomini Sun 25-Mar-18 20:55:26

Hello lovely mums, parents, carers! Wherever you live, whatever your life situation, you or someone you know could be affected by the harsh cuts that Children's Centres are facing right now in government. Whether you support them or have used them as a fantastic and affordable place for stay and plays or have used the free services such as parenting advice, breastfeeding services, additional needs support, sleep training, or just someone to chat to, please say thank you by signing this petition, it really does only take a couple of minutes. Please remember to confirm by clicking on the link you're emailed. Thank you so much - please help us get to 100,000 signatures so this can be debated in parliament!

Our Headteacher and Children's Centre manager were recently interviewed by That's Surrey TV:

And tomorrow morning our CC manager will be interviewed by BBC Surrey at 7:50am.

Here are links to funding cuts:

This issue really does impact us all. Thank you so much! smile

Please let me know if you have any questions! Kathy x

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