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Parking outside schools - petition

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Staceymarie123 Wed 29-Mar-17 19:45:46

I don't know about your schools but in my area the parking is a nightmare, where the roads clog up, with nowhere for parents to stop safely, there is always a dangerous rush in and out of the schools which could result in accidents. Parents trying not to block surrounding area homes and drives, and other road users, as not everyone can walk to the school (especially with the catchment area being miles wide) I believe the schools /council should be responsible for proving some sort of parking area to ease the congestion of parking, they often have land which is capable of doing this yet allow the parents to struggle in the surrounding streets.
It's not a one off thing, it is every week day, every morning, mid day and evening and inthink they have a duty to provide safe parking for their pupils and parents.
I have made a online new petition to view - if you agree please take a look and sign it.

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