Road speed by schools, PLEASE SIGN - your help needed!

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Baibel Tue 07-Feb-17 16:24:14

So, I'm back at work full time, lo in nursery, 4 year old started school, and maternity leave seems forever ago. How it flew by.

But I'm posting to ask for your help, please. I work at a wonderful school on a busy road. There are five other schools on this road... some of them primary. There have been several near misses, a couple of incidents, and a tragedy over the years of vehicles hitting pupils.

My headteacher is heading a petition to have the roadspeed changed from 30mph to 20mph... in some places in the UK it is automatically 20mph round schools.... but she has to go and petition the Council to have it changed. And they won't hear her case unless she can get 555 signatures on her petition.

So my plea, please, could you take a minute to sign the peition. We are all mums looking out for our children and others. I would not normally post like this, but I am fixated on trying to make a difference. And I know we can.

Please, please, read and click to sign this petition, I would be so very grateful

Eleanor xx

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