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To think we should all sign Nick Ferrari's Petition GEM to protect NHS staff

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jdoe8 Tue 10-Jan-17 14:37:46

It will make it a criminal offence to attack NHS workers. Similar to law there is about attacking police.

The forward thinking Scottish government already have this, it's time England had it!

It's here


Gobbolinothewitchscat Tue 10-Jan-17 14:41:27

I've signed that. My DH is an NHS dentist and quite regularly has had patients try and attack him - I say try, but he's 6 foot 7 and quite good at restraining people. Usually once a year which is bad enough. But what is more worrying is the number of times that female dentists in his practice have been intimidated and threatened. They now have panic buttons installed.

Cynara Tue 10-Jan-17 14:44:51

Great idea jdoe. I work for the NHS and was assualted last week; one of my colleagues was hospitalised recently by a violent assault at work. It's appalling and I couldn't agree more that it should be a separate criminal offence.

BabychamSocialist Tue 10-Jan-17 14:47:45

I'd sign it but seeing as who started it, I won't.

SquinkiesRule Tue 10-Jan-17 14:53:00

Signed, I shared it on my facebook too.

LoupGarou Tue 10-Jan-17 14:54:46

Shouldn't it be a criminal offence to attack anyone?! confused

CarolineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 10-Jan-17 18:26:19

Hi everyone. Just a gentle a reminder that we don't allow petitions on the main Talk boards, so we're going to move this thread into our Petitions Noticeboard ( where you'll get the best response.

Janey50 Tue 10-Jan-17 18:40:51

It should be a criminal offence to attack ANYONE! I WILL sign it,even though I am really not keen on Nick Ferrari,due to his attitude towards disabled parking spaces ('I will park in a disabled parking space if I want,why does a supermarket car park need so many disabled spaces?') And his opinion that all people on JSA are workshy scroungers and that all long-term sick or disabled people on disability benefits are faking it and should be made to work. Phew. Rant over. Sorry. But having said that,I think the vast majority of NHS staff do a wonderful, difficult job,and should be able to do that job safe from attack.

jdoe8 Tue 10-Jan-17 19:57:40

Whoops sorry for breaking the rules, i had no idea!

I know NF can be a bit off sometimes, although I've never heard him say anything like what your have quoted and i often listen for an hour a day and have for many years.

I do think he trys to be far right for listeners, and JOB does the same to the left and they deliberately put them next to each other.

Knittedfrog Tue 10-Jan-17 20:03:22

I signed after listening to him this morning. Great idea to put it on here for a wider audience.

caroldecker Tue 10-Jan-17 20:08:43

It already is a crime to assault NHS workers, as it is for everyone.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Tue 10-Jan-17 22:11:04

Essentially the petition is arguing that NHS workers should be a further protected category - like the police - and it would be an aggravated offence

caroldecker Wed 11-Jan-17 00:21:16

The Sentencing guidelines give the same range for assault of a police officer as common assault, both less than assault causing bodily harm. Assault with intent to resist arrest has a much higher sentencing guideline.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Wed 11-Jan-17 08:55:37

I think the difference is that assaulting a PO is deemed to more serious that a bog standard common assault. So, generally, the sentence will be harsher. I need to check that though

Interestingly, when I was looking at the CPS guidance, I noted that in their Code for Crown Prosecutors, they state that a prosecution is more likely if the victim is a public official (including NHS worker) and there seems to be a fair bit of case law showing that this was an aggravating factor taken into account when sentencing.

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