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Wider awareness, acceptance and recognition of Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

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gerry5848 Fri 18-Nov-16 21:36:29


A petition has been submitted to The Scottish Parliament to promote wider awareness,acceptance and recognition of Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome.

Although the Petition is to the Scottish Parliament if it is successful this could help establish a precedent for the rest of the UK. Parents from all over the UK have been signing the Petition.



PDA is a distinct and recognisable diagnostic profile within the autistic spectrum that requires a differential diagnosis due to the different interventions that are successful. Without greater understanding, awareness and recognition by professionals many children who present with the cluster of symptoms are often left unsupported and misunderstood. At worse they are subjected to the wrong interventions which only serves to exacerbate the situation for the whole family and completely crush the child. The correct diagnosis can lead to a shared approach across all settings and much improved short and long term outlooks. It really is time that health professionals stopped ignoring the validity of this complex condition.

Further information about PDA can be found at

I implore all members to sign this Petition so these unique and fascinating children can access the appropriate services they so desperately need and rightly deserve and receive the early identification, diagnosis, intervention,support and understanding to enable them to achieve a successful outcome.

Thanking you

gerry5848 Fri 18-Nov-16 21:38:22


My daughter was the first child in Scotland to be diagnosed with PDA by Professor Newson in 1998. The clinicians at my local CAMH worked with the experts in Nottingham and gained a profound understanding and knowledge of the techniques and resources required to help my daughter. My local Consultant Psychiatrist put in place a support package where my daughter was helped through a combination of attending the CAMH one day a week and the local education authority took on board the advise from the specialists (after much hard work) and my daughter was supported in her local mainstream school by a full time special educational needs assistant til age 15. As a result of the early recognition of PDA by professionals and the correct support package my daughter went onto University to study English, Creative Writing and Journalism. She now owns and runs an internet horror channel. I am extremely proud of her, these children have unique talents and with the right support they can achieve so much. At the time of her diagnosis we were told that many of these children end up in prison or secure units or at best working a half day a week in Tesco. I implore The Scottish Government to promote a wider acceptance, awareness and recognition of PDA . My daughter is living proof that through the correct early assessment, diagnosis and treatment of PDA and the utilization of the correct education and handling guidelines these children can go on to achieve a successful outcome. Please support this petition by Patricia Hewitt and Mary Black so that children with PDA in Scotland can receive the appropriate services and treatment they so desperately need and rightly deserve to become happy and fulfilled individuals like my daughter.

Mim0 Sat 19-Nov-16 13:38:55

Excellent petition, already signed. Fully support this one. Diagnostic failings can contribute to difficulties with professionals and processes. Please see my own petition thread: as PDA is one of the diagnostic issues the family in the situation faces.

Pollockshields19 Sat 19-Nov-16 17:23:09

Brilliant Petition.
The lack of awareness is shocking within CAMHS and the Education System. There is virtually no awareness in Scotland. So little progress from the first recognised case and the insirational team.
So many children failed with tragic outcomes, prison, homeless units. Massive support required for children and families. Normal Autism Stratagies do not work.
This will set the precedent for the rest of the UK and the World.
Too many children misdiagnosed as Attachment Disorder or ADHD or written off totally. Please listen to the experts and find these missing children through awareness of PDA .

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