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standing up with me for the rights of women in Poland!

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antimatter Thu 29-Sep-16 21:46:50

I am posting here for traffic here. If you agree with me that this new law is inhuman please sign petitions which I linked at the bottom of this post.

I am Polish, I wanted to tell you what is happening in seemingly democratic Poland right now. We have been organising events, protests and writing to every organisation we can think of.
Here's us on Saturday in London where we protested together with RepealThe8th
One of my friends went to Geneva to present the case at UN yesterday.
More are travelling to Strasburg next week to present our case at the EU parliament.

Here are more of details we put together....
A new barbaric anti-choice law has just been passed to the next stage by the parliamentary body in Poland!
Polish parliament has voted it through to the commission stage by overwhelming majority.

The bill is labelled the ‘Stop Abortion’ but it in fact infringes on ALL of the FUNDAMENTAL REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS of women in Poland, not just abortion access, but also including access to contraception, sexual education and prenatal care!

It also changes the language of reproductive law in Poland to explicitly anti-choice language. According to this bill, life begins with the creation of the zygote (fertilized egg) - not even an embryo! - and so anyone who does anything, intentionally or unintentionally, to stop the zygote from being implanted in the uterus, might be liable to prosecution. Which means, in practice, that some forms contraception would effectively be outlawed, as they work by interrupting this process (like the morning after pill).

Conducting prenatal testing would effectively become impossible if this law comes into life due to the legal implications for doctors. Doctors would be liable to prosecution under the new law if they unintentionally cause a miscarriage, which would mean they would most likely decide not to do those at all!

It is notable that in the notes that accompany the bill, that are supposed to be justifying the bill, there are, next to citations from the Constitution of Poland and from the Constitution Commission, a couple of quotes from the Pope.

I can go on and on and give you more details. If you feel what the ultra Catholic government is trying to do is wrong please sign petitions:

Xenophile Thu 29-Sep-16 21:51:06

Absolutely, point me toward any other petitions, letters, demos you want solidarity on and I'm in.

This is utterly barbaric.

MrsPear Thu 29-Sep-16 21:56:44

Blimey - women will be dying of eptopic pregnancy because the doctor won't be able to treat until she is bleeding. That is madness.
I thought Ireland was tough but that is far worse.

CommaStop Thu 29-Sep-16 21:59:01

Have signed both and shared on the Parents for Choice FB group I'm on. As an Irish woman facing similar laws I feel your pain. Keep fighting.

OohhItsNotHoxton Thu 29-Sep-16 21:59:17

Signed and shared.

annandale Thu 29-Sep-16 22:00:05

Yes. I saw the film clips of Polish women walking out of churches in protest against this - was it being discussed in sermons?

Where were the men walking out too?

I will sign. And I haven't signed an internet petition in a long, long time. I'm a member of Abortion Rights but a very passive one blush so will see what they are doing about it.

antimatter Thu 29-Sep-16 22:00:07

Thank you all! This means so much to me!

NormaStanleyFletcher Thu 29-Sep-16 22:00:21

Totally on side with any and all protests against this.

Bearfrills Thu 29-Sep-16 22:03:11

Signed. Absolutely barbaric changes to the law being proposed.

annandale Thu 29-Sep-16 22:05:08

Our bodies, our lives, our right to decide.

We're not out of the EU yet. What are the Polish MEPs doing? Have the British MEPs been thrown out of all the health-related committees yet?

antimatter Thu 29-Sep-16 22:06:26

There's Strike in Poland on Monday, women abstaining from work and any duties as in Iceland in the 70's. I hope many will take part. We will keep fighting.

There are demos and events in London if anyone is interested.
4 in total smile
a march, a demo, discussions at Festival of Choice and a picnic. One every day starting tomorrow

whatwouldaudreydo Thu 29-Sep-16 22:07:58

Signed. Utter madness.

BitchQueen90 Thu 29-Sep-16 22:08:42

Signed. All my support.

ofhorse Thu 29-Sep-16 22:10:24

Signed and shared. Absolutely horrifying. Good luck xx

Mozartinmyfanjo Thu 29-Sep-16 22:10:50

Signed and shared.

antimatter Thu 29-Sep-16 22:11:55

Yes. I saw the film clips of Polish women walking out of churches in protest against this - was it being discussed in sermons?
this was in April when we first learned about this new bill being sent to the parliament. It was read during sermons on that first Sunday in April.

Where were the men walking out too?
maybe few but mostly women and they all were hugely criticised in their parishes for doing that i.e. disrespecting church as if RC wasn't disrespecting women for generations

venusinscorpio Thu 29-Sep-16 22:14:31

Signed. This is appalling.

kalinkafoxtrot45 Thu 29-Sep-16 22:15:10

Signed. You have my full support!

flanjabelle Thu 29-Sep-16 22:18:14

Signed. Post this in feminism chat too op. Your government should be ashamed of themselves. I'm so sorry for the women in Poland, sending you support and strength. flowers

WhyHasAllTheRumGone Thu 29-Sep-16 22:18:24


Gileswithachainsaw Thu 29-Sep-16 22:24:26


I fully support the right to choose.

So sorry flowers

OublietteBravo Thu 29-Sep-16 22:26:26

Signed. I'm going to see if I can make it to London at the weekend to show my support for your cause in person.

antimatter Thu 29-Sep-16 22:36:21

OublietteBravo I will be in Manchester on Saturday but the performance at the Speakers corner is going to be very powerful

antimatter Thu 29-Sep-16 22:39:49

In fact I may be on my own in Manchester grin but who cares!
1 PM at the Polish consulate with my black clothes and hair band and a placard!

Xenophile Thu 29-Sep-16 22:40:29

Dammit, I'm working Saturday or I'd have joined you in Manchester.

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