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AIBU to ask you all to please sign Lucy Gavaghan's petition on caged hen farming in UK?

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RangeTesKopeks Sun 28-Aug-16 22:47:04

Hi everyone!

Firstly, I'm not sure if anything about this has been posted about before so I'm sorry to spam you all if you've already signed!

I've been following petitions on set up by Lucy Gavaghan, who's campaigning to end caged hen farming in the UK. She's 14, and became interested in finding out about the welfare of hens in the UK after adopting hens rescued from battery farms. Her latest petition calls for a complete ban on UK caged hen farming.

I suppose my AIBU here is: am I being unreasonable to please ask you all to sign and share this petition (and to please ask everyone you know to sign and share it too)?

Here's a link to the petition on

Thank you so much everyone!! smile

RangeTesKopeks Sun 28-Aug-16 23:07:51

Bumping smile

LaContessaDiPlump Sun 28-Aug-16 23:10:16


RangeTesKopeks Mon 29-Aug-16 00:18:35

Thanks Contessa! Anyone else interested in signing? smile

Ginkypig Mon 29-Aug-16 00:45:54

Iv signed.

May I suggest in the morning adding another comment as it might get knocked out of the first couple of pages overnight.

Jellybean83 Mon 29-Aug-16 00:48:52

I've signed!

RangeTesKopeks Mon 29-Aug-16 13:35:09

Thanks so much Ginkypig and Jellybean! smile

Please keep signing and sharing as much as you can, everybody!

Ginkypig Mon 29-Aug-16 15:39:43

I hope this does well op.

If we're going to use animals for meat the minimum we can do for them is treat well in life first!

RangeTesKopeks Mon 29-Aug-16 15:58:23

Thanks so much for your support Ginkypig smile - me too! I've been so impressed by Lucy's petitions and her work to raise awareness of farming to produce eggs in the UK.

It would be amazing if as many people as possible could read this thread and sign and share Lucy's petition!

Here's another link to the petition just in case people haven't read the full thread smile

Happy signing!!

Outcomesthebunnyofdeath Mon 29-Aug-16 16:02:06

Signed. Love my chickens.

jumpercake Mon 29-Aug-16 16:05:04

Signed ☺

pensivepolly Mon 29-Aug-16 16:07:09

signed - thanks for bringing it to our attention

RangeTesKopeks Mon 29-Aug-16 17:12:12

Wow thank you Outcomes, pensive and jumper! smile Please keep the signatures and shares coming, everyone smile

Angiefernackerpan Mon 29-Aug-16 17:13:29

Signed. We're currently doing up our garden so we can get a few hens.

CigarsofthePharoahs Mon 29-Aug-16 17:17:11

I'm surprised, I thought battery style farming of chicken was already banned in this country!
Roll on 2025.

DiegeticMuch Mon 29-Aug-16 17:45:16

No reason not to sign

newmumwithquestions Mon 29-Aug-16 18:00:36


BuonoEstente Mon 29-Aug-16 18:09:26

Forgive my ignorance but I thought caged hens were already banned.

Yonosemanana Mon 29-Aug-16 18:16:06

Signed, thanks for sharing..

honeyroar Mon 29-Aug-16 19:03:48

Battery hen cages were banned in the UK a few years ago, and were replaced with "enriched" cages that are a little bit bigger and have floors they can scratch at. Nothing like free range, and if anything the rescue hens come out worse from these cages as they've room to attack one another but no room to get away.

RangeTesKopeks Mon 29-Aug-16 19:05:42

Thanks so much everyone!! Keep those signatures and shares flooding in pretty please smile

Let's see if Mumsnet can break with a ridiculous amount of petition signatures!! grin

In case you missed any of the petition links from earlier, here's the link again:

BuonoEstente Mon 29-Aug-16 19:20:53

Thank you for the clarification honeyroar signed and shared

Therewere5inthebed Mon 29-Aug-16 19:35:19


RangeTesKopeks Mon 29-Aug-16 20:32:20

Thank you Therewere and Buono!

Keep up the good work Mumsnetters!! Let's all sign and share to show what we're made of! {smile]

Can we can get 150,000 signatures on the petition? The game is on!! grin

growingbytheday Mon 29-Aug-16 22:52:37


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