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Safer Roads for everyone: with mumsnet

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polarpercy Thu 18-Aug-16 13:11:20

Following on from numerous threads about cyclists, speeding, pavement parking and people texting at the wheel (in the press again today) I wondered if mumsnetters and mumsnet would be keen to support a safe drive campaign?

We all try to teach our children to be safe on the roads but it seems to be increasingly difficult when people are inconsiderate. Telling our children not to cross if a cars coming, sensible, telling them to look for indicators or make eye contact with the driver. Not so easy now when people seem to be becoming more and more absorbed in their cars.

There have been effective road safety campaigns in the past and I think that the power and reach of mumsnet could create a safe drive campaign that focused on safer roads by people for people. Bollards alongside building sites that look like children and posters that say 'my daddy would like to come home safely' or similar have been effective in slowing people down alongside road workers, now lets go bigger!

Can I ask mumsnetters if you would support a road safe campaign that looked at making the roads safer for the most vulnerable users. Focusing on consideration - indicators, not speeding, not parking on pavements and preventing dangerous behaviour - not speeding, not texting or parking on pavements. If you would support this, how should it be run? If you don't support this can I ask why/what would you want changed/added to gain your support?

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