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Katya - Short Film (Child sex trafficking)

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ChrisWildish Sat 30-Jul-16 16:43:06

I hope this is ok to post here so please take the time to read.

Polly Hales a 14 year old, based in Norfolk, UK is determined to raise awareness of a little talked of but very real subject but to learn and improve as a young aspiring actress.

The sex trafficking of children from Africa and Eastern Europe in particular is a very gritty subject matter. The film makers have been careful not to show explicit material but the story is told in a realistic way through implied scenarios. The film makers Lumino Films, whose last two short films have been shown at Cannes, the most prestigious film festival in the world are very keen to raise awareness of this subject.

Polly would like to make a direct appeal to readers: “Without funding this project will never happen and the threat to young girls around the world of slave trafficking may not be raised to the profile it deserves. I want to highlight the danger for some young girls ; fearing going out at night or even walking alone or in small groups and being offered fictitious jobs
abroad that they believe in and are then tricked once they leave home.

Apart from this there is often no escape and with passports confiscated by their captors and without being able to speak the language, coerced, threatened and often beaten there is no means of easy escape. The traumatic psychological damage lasts for a lifetime.

Please just give us support on social media, Our facebook page will tell the story as we progress and we would be most grateful if you can like and share it to help spread the word. Please tweet about the film or this campaign too as all of this counts greatly to achieving our aims. And there is also the the Indiegogo share tools!

Polly has already put in all the money she has earned from previous acting and modelling jobs but we are relying on the generosity of others to support us to the full amount needed to make this film. Every donation however small is gratefully received.

Please look here: If a donation is not possible at the moment would you be able to help with locations?


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