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To ask remainers to sign this government petiton urging for a 2nd referendum (1 million signed so far)

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d270r0 Sat 25-Jun-16 10:57:32

Please sign and spread if you would like this chance! 1 million signed and rising at a rate of about 2000 per minute.

Peridotisinvalid Sat 25-Jun-16 10:59:19

Easier if it's clickable

I signed earlier.

d270r0 Sat 25-Jun-16 11:00:54


Pissant Sat 25-Jun-16 11:02:04

I have signed it already. Plus shared numerous times.

Even f nothing comes of it, it's worth a few seconds of your day.

smellyboot Sat 25-Jun-16 11:04:31

Those that regret their vote should also sign. Did as soon as I saw it yesterday

ThePinkOcelot Sat 25-Jun-16 11:04:35

I think nothing should come of it. We have had the referendum. We voted to leave. That should stand!! Remain lost FFS!

smellyboot Sat 25-Jun-16 11:05:21

Yes but those of us that are passionate about remain will not give up our EU rights without a fight

acasualobserver Sat 25-Jun-16 11:06:39

I don't get this. If a second referendum happens - it won't by the way - and reverses the decision of the first, then wouldn't Brexiteers just begin a petition to have a third?

TheGoodEnoughWife Sat 25-Jun-16 11:06:41

Want about those that are passionate about wanting to leave? When does it stop?

Nanny0gg Sat 25-Jun-16 11:07:47

I voted Remain.

But imagine the outcry if the vote had gone the other way and the Brexiters wanted the vote again.

I'll stamp my foot until it goes my way...

That isn't how democracy works.

HunterHearstHelmsley Sat 25-Jun-16 11:09:42

A lot of people I know that were on the fence but bored remain have said they would now vote leave so I wouldn't be so sure you would get your own way. Not that a second referendum is going to happen.

Creatureofthenight Sat 25-Jun-16 11:10:00

I'm gutted that Leave won, but I'm not signing this.
A majority chose Leave, we have to make the best of it now, however much we dislike it.

user7755 Sat 25-Jun-16 11:10:31

No, I won't sign it. I voted remain and am gutted with the outcome but this is democracy and you can't just keep having votes till you get the result you want. It makes a mockery of the whole system and you might as well live in a dictatorship if you are only going to accept the answers that you want to hear.

ThePinkOcelot Sat 25-Jun-16 11:11:06

It's the same as any vote. So we could have signed a petition last year when the tories got in. Where would it end?!

Madbengalmum Sat 25-Jun-16 11:12:03

Nanny, perfect response.
I am fed up of this now. People just need to get on with it.
So much for democracy, we could all just say this every time something doesn't go our way.

Becky546 Sat 25-Jun-16 11:13:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

The votes were counted, remain lost. That's the end of it. You can't just stamp your feet in a tantrum because it didn't go your way

What if Remain had won? Would anyone be so accepting of a petition for a second referendum from the Brexiters?

ToastDemon Sat 25-Jun-16 11:15:39

I'm not going to accept without a fight, something that is catastrophic for the UK because of some notion of "fairness".
I think it's arguable that the referendum was democratic. So many people with a complete misunderstanding of the facts, or who thought that their vote somehow didn't count, or now regret how they voted.
It's far too big and important a thing to be decided on such a narrow margin as well.

TheSultanofPingu Sat 25-Jun-16 11:16:04

I voted to remain. I'm gutted that the leave camp won. Won't be signing this though. It's not democratic, and can you imagine the outcry!

Creatureofthenight Sat 25-Jun-16 11:20:04

The fact that people are regretting their choice now that the pound has tanked does not make the referendum undemocratic.
The fact that people thought their vote didn't count, or didn't understand the facts, doesn't make it undemocratic either. The facts were out there, they didn't look for them.

Nanny0gg Sat 25-Jun-16 11:22:29

So many people with a complete misunderstanding of the facts,

In whose view?

TheGoodEnoughWife Sat 25-Jun-16 11:24:22

The time to 'fight' was before the vote, or campaigning as it is better known as.
Decision made now.

Tiggeryoubastard Sat 25-Jun-16 11:32:11

Why do you think this childish bullying will help? It just shows you up for the undemocratic fools you are. It's this attitude that convinced a lot of people to leave.

SideOrderofChip Sat 25-Jun-16 11:35:09

I think its ridiculous.

This is a democracy. You can't just keep demanding a new vote whenever you don't get your own way.

gamerchick Sat 25-Jun-16 11:36:12

No I won't sign, I don't pander to tantrums. It'll make a mockery out of the whole thing.

If it did get anywhere, not only would I not vote again but I doubt I'll ever vote in anything again. What would be the point?

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