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Anyone with children in Y5 or below

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noblegiraffe Sun 05-Jun-16 12:11:01

If you've got a child in Y5 or below please read this blog post and consider signing the petition against Y7 SATs resits for children who 'fail' their SATs in Y6.

No longer would parents be able to tell their 10 and 11 year old children not to get stressed, that the SATs are to judge their school and their teachers, not them. From next year KS2 SATs will be used to separate primary school children into passes and failures. Anyone deemed to be a failure will be forced to resit their SATs in December of Y7, just three months after starting secondary school.

Their smooth start to secondary school will be blighted by the label of failure. They will be most likely expected to give up after school, lunchtime, tutor time, when they should be settling in and making friends, for booster sessions to try to drag them over an arbitrary line. If they fail English, they will be expected to spend the start of secondary school going over the primary grammar expectations that they won't need for a successful secondary career.

I'm not against trying to boost lower achieving students to enhance their prospects of future GCSE success, but this manner of going about it is ridiculous. The timescales are ridiculous. The pressure that it will put on children who are going through one of the biggest transitions in their life is ridiculous. The government needs to rethink this proposal.

PettsWoodParadise Sun 05-Jun-16 13:47:14

That sounds bonkers. Thanks for highlighting. I can't see anywhere what they say about DCs who didn't sit the test in the first place. Most independents don't for example but good number will transition to a state grammar or comprehensive. DD is being home educated at present but starts grammar in September. I appreciate the proposal about the resits is more for those currently in Y5 or below but the questions will apply.

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