To Ensure Education Secretary Is Qualified

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FionaJ777 Fri 29-Apr-16 23:42:15

Hello - I am a retired teacher of Early Years and Key Stage 1 children. Recently, I have become increasingly upset by the pressure and stress placed on young children in schools. The final straw was when a friend's son returned home from school describing himself as 'useless and stupid' because he couldn't complete the SPaG work in class. I saw red! No child should feel like this. Enough is enough! We need an Education Secretary who has had some experience in schools and understands the needs of children. Please consider signing and sharing my petition. Thank you.

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MoggyP Sat 30-Apr-16 18:43:07

And would this include forces experience only for defence, banker for chancellor, doctor for health (that's a deliberately red rag suggestion btw) a pensioner for DWP etc

And what happens when no-one who has been elected has the right experience?

FionaJ777 Mon 02-May-16 18:48:46

Hi! Thank you for your question. My main concern is the state that our education system is in owing to the interference by so many governments and the fact that we have an Education Minister who has very little understanding of the needs of young children. However, if you look at the Canadian cabinet , it seems that they do have qualified ministers in the posts you mention so perhaps it is more feasible than you think. I can understand your question re trying to fill a post when nobody has the right experience - I am not a politician, but I think this would be easier if the whole system was overhauled. We have too many career politicians who are not experts in the field they work in.

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