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Would you buy clothes from a retailer that has women with various and different body types modelling the clothes?

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Misspams Mon 18-Apr-16 10:13:55

Hi Mumsnetters grin
Would you shop from a retailer that has models with different body types modelling the clothes? At the minute we only have tall slim models or curvy models for the plus size labels. We all know women come in many beautiful shapes and size, some of us are busty, some have bottoms to die for, some have beautifully curvy, some of us are petite and some of us are tall. Wouldn't it be great if we had everyday women representing us in fashion not only to create a positive shopping experience but to also give you an idea how the clothes you purchase will fit your body type.
We are trying to make this dream a reality! Please help us get into the top 40 so we can pitch this business idea to Sir Richard Branson. Additional funding will help us hire more models, invest in more stock and spear head a brand awareness campaign.

Please vote and share this wonderful business idea Mumsnetters! Vote here and help us get in the top 40

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