New Petition - NRPs who fail to financially support their children should be prosecuted for child neglect

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CreviceImp Thu 07-Apr-16 11:55:51

If you agree can you lend your support.

Dear Kerry Ann Howard,

You’re not done yet!

Forward the email below to your potential supporters.

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The Petitions team
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I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?

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My petition:

Charge non-resident parents who evade child support payments with child neglect.

Current legislation does not recognise non-payment of child support as neglect. After a year of non-compliance separate criminal charges should be brought against such non-resident parents for child neglect. Resident parents should also be able to prosecute non-compliant NRP for financial abuse.

Figures from 2011 indicate that 95.2% of parents who approached the Child Support Agency in order to access their legal entitlement for child maintenance were female. The failure to collect rates are astonishing. It is therefore a gender inequality issue. This social injustice needs to be urgently addressed.The far reaching repercussions have to be legally recognised for both the parent with care and the child/ren when one parent fails to support their child/ren. It is neglect and abuse.

Click this link to sign the petition:

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Flisspaps Thu 07-Apr-16 11:57:52

You may want to ask MN to remove your name from that post, as it makes you easily identifiable.

CreviceImp Thu 07-Apr-16 12:01:21

Thanks but it's ok as you have to put your name to the petition anyway so anyone clicking on the link will know my name.

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GinAndPhonics82 Thu 07-Apr-16 12:18:21

Signed smile

VertigoNun Thu 07-Apr-16 12:20:15

I hope it's accepted.

Ouriana Thu 07-Apr-16 12:35:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CreviceImp Thu 07-Apr-16 12:49:57

Exactly Ouiana. Absolutely- bang on.

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CreviceImp Thu 07-Apr-16 13:32:31

Will update if they pass this one so those who want to offer their support can sign x

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CreviceImp Thu 07-Apr-16 15:39:51

It's been approved. Please offer your support and share x

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NewLife4Me Thu 07-Apr-16 15:44:02

I have signed too, I hope lots more sign. [thahks]

VertigoNun Thu 07-Apr-16 15:59:19

That is great news. I will start sharing this.

Ihaveabadfeelingaboutthis Thu 07-Apr-16 16:06:59

Signed & shared.

CreviceImp Thu 07-Apr-16 16:32:54

Thank-you everyone x

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NewLife4Me Thu 07-Apr-16 16:36:18


VertigoNun Thu 07-Apr-16 16:49:15


sepa Thu 07-Apr-16 16:49:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VertigoNun Thu 07-Apr-16 17:16:05

Start a new thread on that issue, this is about financial abuse.

ItsJustAnotherUsername Thu 07-Apr-16 17:28:20

Signed and shared. Well done for starting this OP. I would actually like to see CM treated like income tax, although that wouldn't be much good for all the tax evading self employed NRP's like my ex.

ItsJustAnotherUsername Thu 07-Apr-16 17:32:02

No I don't think it's equally as bad as not providing your child with a home and food sepa . it is emotionally abusive though and could no doubt have an effect on a child's mental health. Has your friend gone to court to sort access?

CreviceImp Thu 07-Apr-16 17:54:29

I am on Twitter now. Come and help me out as it is all new to me and navigating my way around is proving tricky!

KerryAnnHoward2 is my user name.

Seems I have an awful lot of catching up techie wise.

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ItsJustAnotherUsername Thu 07-Apr-16 20:04:54

Crevice, I'm not on Twitter but you could contact gingerbread and family on there who might retweet.

Their Twitter accounts are on their websites

CreviceImp Thu 07-Apr-16 20:12:28

Thank-you x

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VertigoNun Thu 07-Apr-16 20:14:29

You could tweet MP'S as some may have an interest, try women and equality minister Maria Miller and her shadow and feminist MP'S one that springs to mind is Jess Phillips.

Alison Pearson who write for the Torygraph may be interested.

veryproudvolleyballmum Thu 07-Apr-16 20:16:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CreviceImp Thu 07-Apr-16 20:36:35

veryproud I understand your concerns.

Firstly I would like to say that the point of the petition is to act as a deterrent. Most NRPs won't want a criminal record so if this behaviour is treated seriously and stigmatised it should leave far less RPs and their children without the financial support they are entitled to.

The government could meet child maintenance payments and then collect from NRPs . I would imagine in that position the collection rates would sky rocket 🙂.

Lastly if NRPs refuse to maintain their child/ren they should be imprisoned. Children also need to see that mothers will not subject themselves to financial abuse. That has a knock on emotional impact on children and how they view women.

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