Stop charging children to change to their mums maiden name & make marriage certificates equally legal as ID of marital name change outside of the patriarchal norm of taking your partners name.

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EqualityForMarriedNames Fri 01-Apr-16 12:07:31

I'm wedding planning & started looking into what happens to our surname when we get married & the choices children have to take their mothers maiden names.

I found an inequality in the system in that we would need to pay to change my partners name to her mothers maiden name. It is on her birth certificate & is clearly a family name, so why should she have to pay to change it as if it is a randomly chosen name, considering the patriarchal system default was for her mother to take her fathers name at marriage?

The law should ensure that if women choose to keep their maiden name as well as take their husbands name, then their marriage certificate is a legal identification of marital name change, just as it is if they were taking only their partners name.

If people want to keep their maiden name as a double barrel or as a middle name, .gov advises to sign an official register at the cost of £36 as some organisations & banks legally don't have to accept a marriage certificate or even a deed poll.

For us, my partner will need to officially register her mothers maiden name as her own at a cost of £36, we need to get an additional marriage certificate, & will both need to apply for government issued ID to ensure that all organisations & banks accept our marital name change. £100's. When others just need to show a marriage certificate.

Please read, sign & share our petition via the link below if you support that this needs to be looked at by the Government Equalities Office. For women, for children, for LGBTQ, this system needs to change for us all.



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