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Reverse the ESA Disability Benefit Cut

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britishroses Sat 12-Mar-16 23:50:18

Please show your support for Sick and Disabled people who are having their 'Social SECURITY' systematically stripped away and or decreased; money that is used to pay for the extra costs associated with been sick or disabled, for example heating for many more hours 7 days a week as they try to keep warm, food that is needed to keep them as healthy as possible, extra cost of needing to do more laundry (water/electric), rent/mortgage - these are just a few simple things, necessities not a cup of coffee or lunch with friends once a week forget that, no more leaving home no money for that, cars have been taken away so no transport for socialising or to get to work because can't afford to pay a taxi and too ill/disabled to get to the bus stop if they had the money to pay bus fare. This is NOT acceptable, this is NOT how a civilised society treats the sick and disabled, they need YOU to help them please sign this petition and ask you friends and family if they would show their support and also sign and let the PM and your MP know that you do not believe in making 'Sick and Disabled' people pay the price for the banks crashing the economy and Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc., not paying their fair share. Thank you for all of your support.

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