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Please sign petition: Restrict the use of fireworks.

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FabCampain Thu 25-Feb-16 15:29:01

PLEASE help: We need more publicity for our FAB campaign on fireworks. Please help, we believe that no creature big or small on 2 or 4 legs, with feathers or fur, skin or scales, human or animal should suffer because of mans’ obsession with fireworks.
Fireworks now occur at all times of the day and evening for many weeks during the autumn and winter. Pet and animal
owners face a struggle to keep their companion animals safe during this extended period. We call for fireworks use by the general public to be permitted on traditional celebration dates only.
It is not only our domestic pets that suffer, wildlife, farm animals and horses. People both young and old, those that have lived through a war, those with PTSD be it Forces related or due to other traumatic events.
We need 100,000 signatures before the people that work for us, the Government will even consider a discussion. Will you help us ?
Please help by signing and sharing the petition - ONLY WEEKS LEFT!

Do you want RANDOM FIREWORKS ALL next winter? So do something about it...
Help stop random fireworks
Help change the firework laws.

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