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Yorkshire lass Natalie Engle faces her young family being split due to recent draconian family migration rules – her husband is being prevented from staying with her and his daughter in the UK

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Marka2 Sun 21-Dec-14 16:15:26

This is the plight of a British citizen and taxpayer who is being prevented from living with their family in their own country.

Natalie has returned to the UK and despite setting up her own successful business here is facing an expensive and difficult struggle to try and keep her family together. Natalie’s South African husband and the father of her 14 month-old daughter has been refused his right to remain in the UK.

The potential for the separation of a child from a parent is particularly worrying and distressing.

I think we can all empathise with Natalie’s plight and the emotional turmoil that she is enduring.

There is a Petition to support the Engle family – please sign if you support this cause, you will make a difference and your support will be received gratefully – Thank you.


Supporting material and further information:

Video of BBC interview with the Engles:

BBC News Cornwall article:

Baroness Hamwee, the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration’s Family Migration Committee:

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