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Stop OFSTED at Christmas!

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Ehatch1234 Fri 19-Dec-14 07:14:01

Hi there, I am starting a campaign to stop OFSTED coming into schools during the last week of term, disrupting Christmas activities and end of year celebrations! Doing this from the parents perspective. Please spare a minute to read my campaign and sign it if you agree...and share! Thanks!

Heels99 Fri 19-Dec-14 08:14:45

How does it disrupt end of year festivities, do you have any examples? As a parent how has it affected you adversely?

Heels99 Fri 19-Dec-14 08:17:06

What a SHOUTY petition, it's embarrassing!

I don't understand how as a parent you have been adversely affected by an ofsted inspection. Ofsted are fully aware there will be nativity plays etc going on, was anything at your school cancelled?

tobysmum77 Fri 19-Dec-14 08:44:15

yes heels I detect you have an element of ofsted smugness about you. dd's school was OFSTED'd the week during Christmas productions when the children are excited/ less settled than usual. Although I'm not naive enough to think there weren't problems it really didn't help at all.

But then in most mnetters' lofty worlds bad ofsteds just happen to other people. It's a ridiculous system generally but something that people set such store on should be a level playing field really.

I don't understand your hostility and find that embarrassing personally.

Ehatch1234 Fri 19-Dec-14 09:20:24

Hi heels77. I hope that you read the article and can see that I have not claimed any adverse effect! I just think it is unfair! This is a week for winding down with festive activities. Not a time for inspections!

Heels99 Fri 19-Dec-14 09:46:45

I think if you worded your petition in a less Shouty way you may have more success. I do feel for the already run ragged teachers having an inspection this week is the last thing they need. But ranting gets you nowhere

MyHovercraftIsFullOfEels Fri 19-Dec-14 09:54:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JingleBellSniffer Fri 19-Dec-14 09:54:58

Although it is nice to think that children do deserve a winding down time, in high school this is not the case - they don't have that winding down time because of the inspections, exams etc i think thats a good thing. we don't get it when we're at work!
Doesn't prepare children for real life imo, and stop being shouty.

MissWimpyDimple Fri 19-Dec-14 10:16:45

I'm inclined to agree (although your petition is a bit shoutyblush).
Our ofsted was last week too and the children were supposed to rehearsing for their school play and having a christmas lunch and party. These things were cancelled as of course Ofsted want to see teaching.
No major effect on children or parents but a little unfair and quite possibly not representative of usual standards in the school.

howtodrainyourflagon Fri 19-Dec-14 10:26:16

Personally I'm keen for my dc to have an opportunity to keep on learning until the end of term rather than simply be occupied with "fun" filler activities for the last two weeks. Over a school year we lose 3 or 4 weeks teaching time due to end-of-term wind down. My dc can have fun in the holidays but if they're at school I want them being taught the curriculum not playing with toys they've brought in and colouring in worksheets with Christmas jumpers on.

Ehatch1234 Fri 19-Dec-14 14:17:01

Hi there, I'm not sure if by Shouty you mean the capital letters , I have just been told by younger friend that online that is what caps means!my intention was to highlight the key points oops! Not online savvy! Have taken the caps off! Can assure that no shoutyness intended! ��

tobysmum77 Fri 19-Dec-14 19:34:49

my Hover I'm with you in this one....

bauhausfan Fri 19-Dec-14 19:41:30

But Ofsted are there to see the school exactly as it really is - especially with the new inspections. Nothing should be changed just because they are coming in.

Biscuitsneeded Fri 19-Dec-14 19:45:35

But Bauhaus, in the last week of term all my kids do is rehearse and watch each other's Xmas plays/concerts (big school so lots of different casts/events) and have a Xmas party. My kids' school just had Ofsted on Tues and Wed, and YES they did stick to the plan with the concerts and plays, but ofsted do need to see some teaching too. So what they saw will I imagine have been hastily cobbled together lessons with shattered teachers and exhausted children. I don't think the last week of term shows any school in its true light.

Oakmaiden Fri 19-Dec-14 19:50:36

I think the point, bauhausfan, is that Ofsted are there to make judgements about all sorts of things - one of which is the quality of the teaching. They can only really do this when children are being taught - and often in the last week of the Christmas term lessons are minimal, because there are a lot of exciting activities planned instead and because, due to said activities, children aren't really in a frame of mind for formal learning.

I personally think there is a lot to be said for making the last week of the Christmas term as short as possible for the children - Monday Christmas themed learning, Tuesday Christmas Concerts, Wednesday whole school assembly and play based activities, Thursday and Friday as INSET. It would save having a whole 5 days swallowed by the insanity...

Oakmaiden Fri 19-Dec-14 19:51:09

Oh. And Christmas party on Wednesday. Knew I was forgetting something.

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