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Anti NHS Privatisation Campaign-Want to Get Involved?

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1nsertnamehere Wed 26-Mar-14 09:51:02

Hi -

A bunch of concerned mums has grouped together to try to make a big noise about how we are against the privatisation of the NHS. Please take a look at the Facebook page, and consider following it to get more information on the People's March for the NHS, from the North East to London, which we're organising for the summer. We're not politicians, and haven't organised anything like this before. We'd love it if you could spread the word, consider getting involved with some of the admin, or be an extra pair of legs on the walk.

More information to be shared over the next couple of weeks!


EthelDorothySusan Wed 26-Mar-14 09:52:02

You are in danger of being known as a spammer, I support what you are doing, I think you have posted in enough area's now.

1nsertnamehere Wed 26-Mar-14 09:59:49

Hi EthelDorothySusan, wasn't sure which was the best place to put this, so just posted on 3 boards, didn't think anyone would mind as I have seen lots of concern on here about this issue. Thanks for your support!

EthelDorothySusan Wed 26-Mar-14 10:40:34

I just don't want you removed from the site for spamming. Maybe contact MNHQ and have a chat with them.

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 27-Mar-14 14:31:09


We've moved this to our 'Petitions and Online Campaigns' topic now.


1nsertnamehere Fri 28-Mar-14 17:25:32

Thanks mnhq!

EthelDorothySusan Sat 29-Mar-14 11:27:57

bumping for you

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