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Paternity leave

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Mkelleher Wed 04-Dec-13 19:01:58

My name is Michael me and my partner are expecting our 2nd child on the 29th of December! When I took paternity leave for my first I was employed by a different company to the one I currently work for and my paternity leave was no problem. I got my statutory paternity pay and it was topped up by my employer to meet my basic wage, I thought this was standard! Untill I put in my request at my new employer!! Companies do not have to too it up which means that for me to spend 2 weeks with my new born bonding and helping her mother adjust I will lose £309!!! Shocking if you ask me statutory paternity pay is £136 a week when you are in a situation like ours it is impossible we can't afford it! Thankfully I have supportive family around me who will help so I don't miss this vital time of my child's life, but thousands of others arent so lucky!!!! I have started an e-petition to get this issue raised in parliament! This wot cost the taxpayer any more infact I would be taxed more on my basic wage than my paternity allowance. It also won't hurt these companies as they don't budget for paternity leave its a bonus to them to not have to pay you! We work hard enough all our lives we all deserve 2 weeks with our children! Please sign this and share it with your friends! We all have a voice use yours!

Mkelleher Wed 04-Dec-13 19:02:38

Please read and sign guys this is for a really good cause.

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