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Please help me get a life saving injection for my little girl and other steroid dependant people (4 Posts)

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Rachelpeglerartistwifenmummy24 Sun 06-Oct-13 15:07:40

Hi Guys im not really sure i am doing this right, i would like to appeal to all of you mummys and daddys out there to please sign and share my petition, my beautiful baby molly who is 14 now has been poorly all of her life she has just been diagnosed with hypopituitarism and is now steroid dependant meaning she has to take a life saving injection everywhere she goes, currently this comes in the form of a glass vile a syringe and an needle, if alone and needing this she would have to inject herself put this all together draw up the medication from the glass tube which she would have to break open. All of this whilst in a close to unconscious state, this injection is to save her life at a time of crisis, there is no way she could administer it. This is why she will never have an independent life which she deserves until a pen type injection is created. This condition is widely ignored and because it is rare the pharmaceutical companies do not see it viable. Please help share and sign like mad, i need this to happen for my baby. The petition has been running 2 weeks and already has 2,500 signatures please add yours
Thank you so much

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