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"Pay as you flow"

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FemusingsMagazine Wed 18-Sep-13 04:11:09

Hello. I've just joined mumsnet as I run a feminist online magazine and want to find a platform for discussion.

At the moment, I am toying with the idea of starting an online petition/ campaign (if there's enough support) on trying to get the gvmnt to eliminate the tax, which women have to pay every time they buy sanitary products.

Estimated that we have to pay-in our lifetime- a staggering £20,000 on sanitary products. In the UK, we have to pay 5% VAT tax on all san products. And yet, betting, gambling, lottery, caravans (if they're over 7m long), most food (inc Jaffa cakes) and disposable razors are VAT FREE!

This issue isnt about avoiding tax. It just seems nonsensical to classify tampons as a "luxury item" when really they are an essential. It isnt a question of only taxing disposable items, either. Because although the moon cup is an interesting alternative, this isn't always viable to those who are unable to pay the lump sum up front so discounts women who wouldn't be able to afford the environmental alternative.

What are your thoughts about starting a petition and what is your advice on this?

Thank you

meditrina Wed 18-Sep-13 20:07:31

My advice is that you need to demonstrate understanding of the VAT regime, and be clear about what you are asking for.

1) VAT is constrained by EU regulation - no point in petitioning British government for matters it doesn't control.
2) betting is taxed outside the VAT regime
3) razors are VATable (at full rate)
4) food may or may not be VATable, depending on its classification.
5) Sanpro, though not exempt, is at the lowest discretionary rate.

(Don't know about caravans off hand - is it because at over 7m they are classed as mobile homes, and housing isn't VATable?£

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