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Please push for meningitis b vaccine

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MouseSquirrelMum Fri 26-Jul-13 23:48:45

The provision of a vaccine to protect children against meningitis b was turned down this week:

My daughter had meningitis b last year aged 2. Until then I had no idea of the suffering it causes. it's life threatening, such a fast decline that children can die within hours of first symptoms and of those who recover, many are left with lifelong disabilities including deafness, brain damage, epilepsy, memory loss, learning difficulties, behavioural problems and where septicaemia has occurred, limb loss.

How can such a disease continue unchecked in the uk, when a vaccine has been licensed??

Thankfully my daughter is fine, but I hope you will sign the petition and/or email your mp to make the vaccine available so others needn't suffer:


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