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HELP PLEASE - Justice for Natalie!

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Katewil Mon 11-Mar-13 20:55:05


Dear Mumsnet, please read the story below. Time is of the essence to help a young woman badly let down by big business and a hotel that can spend millions on a Christmas tree!

After going to the Kempinski managed Emirates Palace Hotel for a weekend break with her husband and stepson, Natalie Creane opened the door to the wardrobe in her hotel room to put shoes in the bottom. A loose wooden panel high up in the top of the wardrobe that should have been fitted to cover the audio visual unit fell, hitting her on the front of the head, this panel was so high up above the wardobe, Natalie would have needed a ladder to reach it and a key to open it. It was also set back, therefore, hit her on her temporal lobe (the front part of her head) A member of the hotel’s staff found Natalie unconscious in the room. Rather than call an ambulance, the hotel’s duty manager took her to hospital by car. The Hotel have never denied the accident took place.

It immediately became clear that Natalie was very unwell. With no prior history of such problems, she also began to suffer from horrendous seizures and was suffering from the horrendous effects of a major concussion and was, therefore, incapacitated for months and months. The Emirates Palace Hotel referred the family to its insurance company. After talks with the company broke down, the family was faced with the hotel’s lawyers. Forced to take their case to court, a full two years after the accident, the family is still fighting for justice now – four years on.

Natalie was a Regional Director in a Global firm at the time of the accident, with an incredible career and future ahead of her with her future husband by her side.

Natalie suffers from Post Traumatic Intractable Refractory Epilepsy and Traumatic Brain Injury. Her seizures cause her to collapse suddenly and she has frequently sustained serious injuries during these seizures, including broken bones and fractures. Natalie has been in five comas and on ventilators, had blood clots in her lung and leg, extreme blood toxicity, paralysis, temporary loss of sight, massive hair loss, severe debilitating headaches, temporary loss of speech, confusion, permanent memory loss, insomnia, constant infections due to suppressed immunity and over 20 stays in intensive care. Natalie has lost her career, her independence and has had over 45 admissions to hospitals over the last 4 years many via emergency.

The Emirates Palace Hotel, The Kempinski Group and ADNIC (insurance company) were all found guilty on Wednesday 27th February 2013 and Natalie was awarded just 200 dirhams (35 pounds) in legal fees and 200,000 dirhams (around 35,000 pounds) to cover her past medical bills, future life long care and bills and treatment, loss of earnings in the past and until she reaches retirement age and emotional damages. They are appealing this pitiful amount!

There is a serious and growing FB page - Justice for Natalie (search and you will find it), with detailed and graphic information on Natalie and her plight.
Please "Like" it - the numbers count. Please spread the word and if you know anyone who can help, then harness them too! This could happen to anyone. If Kempinski and the Emirates Palace Hotel and their insurers will not do the right thing of their own volition, then maybe the bad PR will spur them into action.

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