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Petition against govt cuts/changes affecting sick + disabled people (20,000 sigs already)

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flipflop29 Sun 10-Feb-13 14:38:46


I'm new to Mumsnet, and this petition is the main reason I'm here.

I'm one of a group of people trying to get signatures for an epetition to get a Cumulative Impact Assessment of all the cuts and changes affecting disabled people (not just benefits, Remploy factory closures, service cuts etc) and a stop to the dreadfully flawed, ATOS administered Work Capability Assessment, as called for by the British Medical Association.

The petition can be found here:

It was created by the disabled comedienne/actress Francesca Martinez, who you may know of from Extras or Grange Hill, and she's helping to promote it, but basically we have no publicity budget and are using twitter, facebook, email, and forums to get people to sign and share it on. We've got to 20,000 signatures in less than two months, have the support of several MPs and have had retweets from Tanni Grey-Thompson amongst others. We're now pushing on to get the full 100,000 signatures for it to be considered for parliamentary debate.

Anyone who is directly affected by these changes (or knows anyone directly affected) will know what a terrifying, stressful mess things are already, to everyone else - you or someone close to you is only an illness or accident away from this stuff affecting you. So, er, sign it and share it and that. Please.

Thanks for your time.

Sunnywithshowers Sun 10-Feb-13 14:40:48


flipflop29 Sun 10-Feb-13 14:42:59

Thanks Sunnywithshowers thanks

I forgot to include - if you want more info, there's a website, a twitter feed @wowpetition and a facebook page

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