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Help pregnant women & their developing babies - please sign e-petition for VitD testing during pregnancy (Urgent - e-petition has 2 weeks to run & needs lots of signaturess)

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sipper Thu 17-Jan-13 10:40:36

Please sign here:

Vit D is getting more widely known about and pregnant women are being encouraged to take supplements. Lots of us are though deficient in VitD so need to know what are levels are so we can take the right amount of VitD and get things up to where they should be. This is especially important during pregnancy as VitD has been shown to impact on important factors for the developing baby.

Please would you sign the petition? I have signed it but it runs out soon (start of Feb) and needs lots more sigs added.

Here is the info from petition page:
Vitamin D has been shown as a major player in maternal & foetal health. Linked to numerous vital health issues, vitamin d deficiency is now known to be prevalent. In the last three years an increasing amount of research suggests that some of the damage done by vitamin d deficiency is done in-utero while the foetus is developing. Much of that damage may be permanent, that is it cannot be fully reversed by taking vitamin d after birth. This research indicates vitamin d deficiency during pregnancy endangers the mother's life & health & is the origin for a host of future perils for the child, especially for the child's brain & immune system. Pregnant women undergo a number of routine blood checks. It would be prudent to check vitamin d levels at the same time. This preventative care would empower women with knowledge so they can supplement for their health and that of their unborn baby. We call for ante natal screening to include the simple check of vitamin d levels known as 25 (OH)D.

Thank you lovely peeps. This is close to my heart as I was deficient in pregnancy and only found out because I was lucky enough to get tested. I was then able to up my dosage accordingly.

Please sign here:

sipper Tue 22-Jan-13 09:08:35

I like the sound of this petition and would love to get loads of signatures added to it. Please MN can you help? Only a few days to go. Please sign. Bug thanks.

sipper Wed 23-Jan-13 20:45:53

Bump for bumps....

Please would you join me in signing and spreading the word?

This petition hasn't got many signatures and it needs and deserves lots.

Please help mums to be and their babies.

Thanks a mill.

sipper Sun 27-Jan-13 23:52:06

Oh what a shame - this petition hasn't gathered momentum. Maybe it needs a top dog in the mumsnet matriarchy to get it hurtling through the MN'osphere and get the thousands of signatures needed in the next few days! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller.... Bueller..... x

sipper Wed 30-Jan-13 21:58:41

Time has nearly run out - please sign : )

Here's some more info on why:

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