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changing the baby

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hatwoman Fri 16-Oct-09 14:18:36

I've never liked this, but just saw it written down and realised how ridiculous it is. You're going to change the baby's nappy. Presumably.

MrsBadger Fri 16-Oct-09 14:23:43

mad isn;t it

I always had visions of going up to a counter in the 'Baby Changing Room' and saying 'No, I think on balance I'd rather have a kitten'

hatwoman Fri 16-Oct-09 14:24:45


nellynaemates Mon 19-Oct-09 09:28:37

Presumably you've never uttered the phrase "I'm going to get changed" then? You always say "I'm going to change my clothes"? It's just short-hand, hardly a matter for pedantry in my opinion.

hatwoman Mon 19-Oct-09 10:36:10

you are, of course, correct. but there's always scope for pedantry (for the truly committed smile). I hadn't particularly thought of your example...but I rather like it. "I'm going to change" is even better. I will, from now on, ponder what to change into, when I utter it.

FlamingoBingo Tue 20-Oct-09 07:49:09

I don't hate it as much as 'change the baby's bum'

Jacksmama Fri 06-Nov-09 00:12:10

That irritates me too - change baby's bum for what? A coin purse? A piggy bank? A gum drop dispenser???


beaufies Fri 06-Nov-09 21:36:30

'Going to change' was always a source of great amusement in our house when I was growing up. My father would always say " what are you going to change into...a frog ?" I now say it to my children ...

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