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Should it be 'in strict confidence' or 'in strictest confidence'?

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DaisyMooSteiner Tue 10-Feb-09 10:53:33

I'd have personalyl said it should be either 'in strict confidence' or 'in the strictest confidence' but happy to be corrected!

PuzzleRocks Wed 11-Feb-09 08:39:10

Bumping for you.

EdwardCullenCanBiteMe Mon 02-Mar-09 23:47:32

I agree with Daisy

RamblingRosa Tue 03-Mar-09 08:34:30

Surely it depends how strict the confidence is IYSWIM!

snorkle Tue 03-Mar-09 08:57:09

This really depends on what is laid down by the company. There should be a security policy stating what term is to be used, under what circumstances and what extra precautions need to be taken when it is used (e.g. allowed to be sent by e-mail or not, allowed to be sent by ordinary mail or not, how many envelopes needed etc..).

In the civil service the term used is "In strictest confidence"

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