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Is this wrong...

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beaniescreamyb Thu 30-Oct-08 19:06:27

"to my amusement and his Chester French bandmate’s confusion." peaches

She is talking about her husband's bandmates from teh band Chester French. Is the ' in the wrong place, should it even be there at all? Unless he only has one bandmate? Or there was only one Bandmate present?

Katisha Thu 30-Oct-08 19:16:43

Would depend on context surely? Then we might know how many bandmates we are talking about.

NotDoingTheHousework Thu 30-Oct-08 19:18:41

Message withdrawn

beaniescreamyb Thu 30-Oct-08 19:38:46

I did only skim-read the article so am not sure if the amount of band mates was discussed.

I am really concious of the fact that everything I post may be littered with grammatical errors. blush

RoxyNotFoxy Fri 31-Oct-08 19:47:11

I think it should be "number of bandmates".

Sorry, couldn't resist...

captainmummy Fri 31-Oct-08 19:51:18

Who cares? Peaches??? Who?What the bloody hell has she ever done?

PortAndDemon Fri 31-Oct-08 19:51:32

I think that technically it should be "...whether the number of bandmates..."


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