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I do not go 'jogging'! Do I?

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OrmIrian Thu 30-Oct-08 13:01:03

I go running. I like 'running' it sounds purposeful, determined, you can win races and take part in marathons.

I refuse to accept that I 'jog' <shudder>. Jogging is for people in pastel coloured lycra and big hair with headbands and leg warmers.

But I have a collegue who insists on asking me how my 'jogging' is going hmm. I have refrained from correcting her as I suspect that might be more than a little precious, so I grit my teeth and reply politely.

However is there a difference? It seems to me there must be. Or was jogging a slightly mocking way to refer to running? I think it's only been around since the 80s.

mrsmaidamess Thu 30-Oct-08 13:02:58

*this* is a jogger

OrmIrian Thu 30-Oct-08 13:04:41

Oh well. That's decided then. The spit of me on a SUnday morning grin

finknottle Thu 30-Oct-08 13:06:11

Jogging is serious face, foul baggy-kneed tracksuit in vile colour, bad pace, bouncy red face.

Running is a lithe athletic figure in well-fitting and finely-hued attire, breathing gracefully in the healthy morning/evening (del as appl) air ensuring even spectators feel uplifted at the sight of such skill.
You're not precious grin

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 30-Oct-08 13:07:20

dh once said to me that if you run at less than a 6 minute mile pace then you're a jogger. shock

He is still living <barely>

finknottle Thu 30-Oct-08 13:07:25

x-post with mrsmaidamess
grin I rest my case, lol.

OrmIrian Thu 30-Oct-08 13:08:34

Thankyou finknottle.

That's what I thought.

Perhaps deleted 'lithe' from the definition and it might fit a little better. I haven't run for 8 weeks. So a little less lithe round the waist these says <sigh>

OrmIrian Thu 30-Oct-08 13:09:15

6 min mile?

<madly trying to calculate running pace>

SharpMolarBear Thu 30-Oct-08 13:10:24

DH informs me that the difference is speed
Runners run
Joggers walk in an amusing manner

OrmIrian Thu 30-Oct-08 13:10:37

Hmm. It's no good saggar. Please kill him - properly this time.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 30-Oct-08 13:11:13

Don't bother Orm - I'm doubting that you're doing it, no offence wink. But then I don't think dh ever did either - except for if he was running just the one mile.

I'm barely managing a 10 1/2 min mile these days.

OrmIrian Thu 30-Oct-08 13:12:42

No. I'm with you there saggar. But I like to think that it's OK when you're doing lots of miles. Well quite a lot.

Spaceman Thu 30-Oct-08 13:15:35

When I told my DH I was off 'running' he gaffuwed and said I meant I was off 'jogging'. Bah.

SharpMolarBear Thu 30-Oct-08 13:18:58

I can do a 10 min km. Think that makes me a jogger

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Thu 30-Oct-08 13:20:13

Arf - my mum can do a 10 min km and she's had her hip replaced grin

OrmIrian Thu 30-Oct-08 13:21:03

<orm rapidly does some more calculations>

SharpMolarBear Thu 30-Oct-08 13:26:53

Or was it a 10 minute mile...
<rapidly backtracks>
I was falling-off-treadmill-exhausted at the end so hopefully it was a mile

OrmIrian Thu 30-Oct-08 13:48:50

I suspect 10 min mile sharp!

I do 6 miles in about 55 mins. So that's the same sort of pace. I've never been able to increase it - I just go further and take longer. But it seems to work with weightloss and I've never been fitter.

OrmIrian Thu 30-Oct-08 13:49:42

When I say 'I do' I mean I did before I broke my foot. So when I start again I suspect it will be back to tootling round the park sad for a while.

OrmIrian Fri 31-Oct-08 12:14:39

Been to see the consultant this morning. He told me it was OK for me to do most things now and that i wouldn't make it worse. Said probably best not to run but fast walking would be OK hmm. Might have to try 'fast walking' on Sunday morning that might just accidentally not-at-all-deliberately turn into a bit of a run....

RoxyNotFoxy Fri 31-Oct-08 19:43:36

When I used to do athletics training, jogging was what you did while warming up. The coach used to send us all in wave up the sports field, and we'd gradually accelerate while he called out the pace "Jog...trot...stride....sprint!!!"

So, according to him anyway, it's something more than a walk, and something less than a trot.

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