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pssssst - anyone seen this on the allergies board?

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madmumintights Thu 23-Oct-08 00:40:54

sorry for the graphic content of this howler from the allergies board -

Well, I think the GP is right to exclude bugs as there are several which hang around in the body and would cause the symptoms you describe. But it may be difficult to exclude them unless it is a sample of the watery diarrhea that you test (as a pose to normal poo).

I have not had such a good laugh all day!

GylesBandwidth Thu 23-Oct-08 00:45:13

You need to get out more.

RedOnHerBeheadedHead Thu 23-Oct-08 00:46:25

a pose? (and others)

I hate it when they spell things wrong on leaflets - at a beauty shop "Piece and quite" - Yes Piece and yes quite too!

But the worst offender by far is school literature! Did they ever go to school themselves? Surely they have spell-checker?


loobeylou Fri 24-Oct-08 13:56:35

"as a pose to" as opposed to "as opposed to" is a bit sad

the subject reminds me of a hilarious absence note sent into school once and pinned onto the notice board in the staff room.

Dear Miss X

Y was away from school the last few days because he had (there followed at least thress attempts at the spelling of diarrhoea, all crossed out) the trots. Yours faithfully Mrs B

however, totally agree that schools are offenders too, did you see my post about the 500 homework dairies we almost handed out Red? Yes, really!!

loobeylou Fri 24-Oct-08 13:57:47

ooops!! three not thress, and on pedants' corner too!

I hang my head in shame!

NoMatterWhoIAmJustType Fri 24-Oct-08 13:59:48

What a nasty post. (yours of course, not the one you are taking about)

tissy Fri 24-Oct-08 14:08:40

if the poster is English (as a pose to American) the diarrhoea is spelled incorrectly, too grin

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