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MarlaSinger Mon 15-Sep-08 12:03:16

Which is correct, pedants?

Both seem horrid...


ShowOfHands Mon 15-Sep-08 12:06:36

It doesn't matter. Some people make a distinction between using it with 'movement' verbs and without but generally you can use either. Or so I was taught.

Can I offer you an amid or amidst if among/st offends?

MarlaSinger Mon 15-Sep-08 12:10:40

I like amidst. But the context is '... among(st) other things' - amid(st) seems wrong there.

But, thanks!

so 'among some papers' vs 'amongst the trees'?

ShowOfHands Mon 15-Sep-08 12:16:58

Yes amidst wrong there. Never mind.

The only distinction one of my lecturers used to make (whilst (grin) admitting it wasn't strictly necessary) was the movement thing. So if you walk, you do so 'amongst the trees', if you're standing it's 'among the trees'.

Neither one is pretty though.

AllFallDown Mon 15-Sep-08 12:28:01

Among and while are preferable to amongst and whilst. Less pompous sounding, and if you get paid by the word, you're typing less.

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