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Anyone with an OED? I need to know if rawl is a word

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UnderRated Tue 22-Jul-08 04:01:07

as in rawl plug (or anything else).

I suspect it isn't but I argued and argued that it was and I would hate to admit that I may have been wrong.

It doesn't appear in American dictionaries.

Please tell me it is a real word and not a proper noun.

arfishy Tue 22-Jul-08 05:09:00

Rawlplugs were invented by John Rawlings - before then they were known as wall plugs. So, there is no such thing as a rawl.

<passes humble pie for liberal eating of wink>

UnderRated Tue 22-Jul-08 05:26:37

No no no noooooooo

I looked on wikipedia and it said that.

It must have a meaning by itself?

I don't eat humble pie.


UnderRated Tue 22-Jul-08 05:29:39

but thank you for looking <sheepish>

VintageGardenia Tue 22-Jul-08 05:29:58

Rawlplug (noun and verb, capitalised) has an entry, but I"m sorry to say no entry for rawl or even Rawl.

Have a little custard with the pie... might make it more palatable...

UnderRated Tue 22-Jul-08 05:31:23


Can I have icecream with it too?

arfishy Tue 22-Jul-08 05:31:57

grin. No meaning by itself, it's just someone's name.

I always thought a rawl was something tbh. Like an awl.

<squirty cream?>

UnderRated Tue 22-Jul-08 05:32:02

How about rupee? Not capitalised. <hopeful>

UnderRated Tue 22-Jul-08 05:33:02

Thanks for trying to make me feel better grin

VintageGardenia Tue 22-Jul-08 05:35:26

Rupee is not capitalised.

I feel like those types in Dictionary Corner on Countdown <<dream job>>.

Have you just come in from a night out arguing over the R section?

UnderRated Tue 22-Jul-08 05:38:20

Yipppeeee, I'm allowed rupee.

Actually, arguing over the R section was Saturday night. I'm still brooding over it. There's no end to the fun in my house grin

Am glad you have been able to fulfil your dream job, VG. I need to go to bed before I my sulking gets serious.

RoxyNotFoxy Tue 22-Jul-08 12:34:15

Ah, you were playing Scrabble, then? But if you were arguing that "rawl" was a real word, what did you think it meant?

UnderRated Tue 22-Jul-08 13:59:39

No, it was Boggle grin

I don't know what I think it meant. I didn't know it was a trade name, I was hoping it might be something technical & DIY related that I didn't yet know about blush

Botbot Tue 22-Jul-08 14:09:31

Just looked up 'rawl' on the OED online, and it gave me this:

Rawlplug n. A proprietary name for a kind of thin cylindrical plug, made of fibre or plastic, which can be inserted into a hole in masonry, etc., in order to hold a screw or nail. Also applied loosely to any plug of this type.

Also Rawl, a proprietary term used attrib. or as a prefix in names of tools, screws, bolts, and related accessories.

So you can probably get away with it. If Boggle allows trade names.

UnderRated Tue 22-Jul-08 14:17:29

Thanks Botbot. I think proper nouns are not allowed. That was my problem.

I just looked at OED online to see how much it costs to subscribe and it is $295 a year shock

Botbot Tue 22-Jul-08 15:50:43

Over here you can access it free through your library card - they've got some sort of scheme set up. Don't know if they do it over there. Details here

VintageGardenia Tue 22-Jul-08 23:40:24

Strornery, no rawl or Rawl entry in my (print) OED, will check edition tomorrow.

UnderRated Wed 23-Jul-08 00:31:39

Ok, I conceded. Humble Pie duly eaten sad

I really should know better than to play word games with a journalist.

Will see if my sister will give me her library card number so I can use the online version, thanks Botbot.

UnderRated Wed 23-Jul-08 00:34:10

And VG

arfishy Wed 23-Jul-08 11:32:40

I think you should definitely get an award for tenacity though. I would have backed down immediately in the face of journalism/scrabble player.

[cue National Anthem]

UnderRated Wed 23-Jul-08 14:15:06

You're right, arfishy. I do indeed deserve a medal grin

fembear Fri 25-Jul-08 16:47:24

It's in my dictionary:

rawl n. the anguished cry made when having to concede defeat in a matter of pedantry.


UnderRated Fri 25-Jul-08 17:39:15

grin grin grin

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