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Finally, a test to see if you're allowed to post here.

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moopdaloop Thu 03-Jul-08 08:50:44


If you score fewer than 19 points, kindly shut the door on your way out.

Twiglett Thu 03-Jul-08 08:52:12

I got 19 this morning. But only because it was before coffee.

tissy Thu 03-Jul-08 08:52:39

did it yesterday, and scored 20! grin

edamdepompadour Thu 03-Jul-08 08:54:37

I'm in! <<preens>>

winestein Thu 03-Jul-08 08:55:20

I got 19 points, and there is no way I would dare post in pedants' corner [scared] [runs]

2sugars Thu 03-Jul-08 08:56:31

Slams door and shuffles off. 18.

YohoMcCoy Thu 03-Jul-08 08:58:59

Do we get an engraved key?

(20/20, <preen> )

BibiThree Thu 03-Jul-08 08:59:23

I'm in too - although typing mistakes frequently tell a different story blush

funnypeculiar Thu 03-Jul-08 08:59:31

ditto ditto, winestein

LittleMyDancing Thu 03-Jul-08 08:59:44

Please may I join? 20 <preens too>

2Happy Thu 03-Jul-08 08:59:45

18. I'm of too netmum's wink

funnypeculiar Thu 03-Jul-08 09:02:33

although do I get extra points for thinking the synonyms were a bit simplistic grin

fishie Thu 03-Jul-08 09:04:11

20 phew.

hatrick Thu 03-Jul-08 09:04:26

Message withdrawn

PuppyMonkey Thu 03-Jul-08 09:08:04

19... it's the bloody simile ones that I get confused over!

NigellaTheOriginal Thu 03-Jul-08 09:08:06

bollocks. only 18. seeya

Dragonbutter Thu 03-Jul-08 09:08:53

17, but surely i should stay and learn?!
please pedants, make me a better person.

RubberDuck Thu 03-Jul-08 09:12:00

Damn, 18. Missed the hyphen and had forgotten the difference between metaphor and simile. Arse.

2point4kids Thu 03-Jul-08 09:15:44

17 <gets coat>

Uriel Thu 03-Jul-08 09:17:55


<Sits down and makes a cup of tea.>

Botbot Thu 03-Jul-08 09:17:55

20. I am a big ponce.

bigmouthstrikesagain Thu 03-Jul-08 09:19:32

Drat, I got 19, I put the apostophe in the wrong place when visiting Jane's house!

bigmouthstrikesagain Thu 03-Jul-08 09:20:25

and now I have spelt apostrophe wrong - I shall leave quietly...blush

TigerFeet Thu 03-Jul-08 09:20:27

18. It would appear that I don't know the difference between a metaphor and a simile. Bugger.

<hides Pedants' Corner topic>

TillyScoutsmum Thu 03-Jul-08 09:22:11

19 - do you really need a hyphen there ? Still too scared to post here though

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