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Favourite (i.e. most hated) cliches!

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MrsThierryHenry Sun 29-Jun-08 16:58:06

From the sublime to the ridiculous.

donnie Sun 29-Jun-08 17:00:16

'at the end of the day'.


nkf Sun 29-Jun-08 17:00:38


devonblue Sun 29-Jun-08 17:00:52

In this day and age...

MrsThierryHenry Sun 29-Jun-08 17:04:39

'the ultimate' - overused by PR and sales people!

eyesofapanda Sun 29-Jun-08 17:05:45

way, shape or form

mrsmike Sun 29-Jun-08 17:07:00

suck it and see <vomit emoticon>
play hard ball (does that qualify? hate the expression anyway!)

MrsThierryHenry Sun 29-Jun-08 17:08:12

PMSL at suck it and see!!! hahahahaha! Oh, I love that one, too!

mrsmike Sun 29-Jun-08 17:08:24

by close of play
egg on face
gosh I hate them all

mrsmike Sun 29-Jun-08 17:09:25

Suck it and see - never heard a female say it, must be testosterone induced

greenhill Sun 29-Jun-08 17:10:32

"Lessons to be learned" as intoned sonorously by lazy journalists daily.

mrsmike Sun 29-Jun-08 17:10:56

I used to work in a place where we would try and insert as many cliches as possible in to conversations with customers without them realising - use to be paralysed with laughter mostly. It passed the time anyway.

edam Sun 29-Jun-08 17:13:42

suck it up - yuck. Myself - used incorrectly. Business people and footballers saying they are going to give it '150 per cent'. You can't, you fool!

tortoiseSHELL Sun 29-Jun-08 17:15:02

'At the end of the day' - drives me mad.

The one I loathe and detest more than any other is 'There but for the grace of God' whenever some disaster happens. Because it is not true. The people haven't suffered the disaster haven't suffered it because God has withdrawn his grace. Nor have I escaped it because I enjoy God's grace. It's just rubbish.

MrsThierryHenry Sun 29-Jun-08 17:15:17

Mrsmike - you're right - definitely used by optimistic, testosterone-driven men!

mrsmike Sun 29-Jun-08 17:18:16

Think it means "we don't know" really

Pruners Sun 29-Jun-08 17:18:27

Message withdrawn

womblingalong Sun 29-Jun-08 17:43:38

"In all honesty", usually used just before someone tells a big fat lie!

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 29-Jun-08 17:44:34

150 or indeed anything over 100 per cent

devonblue Sun 29-Jun-08 17:48:53

Yes, or 'to be honest'...

devonblue Sun 29-Jun-08 17:49:56

'all go, innit?'

Arabica Sun 29-Jun-08 17:50:32

'step up to the plate' (when used by people from the UK)

franke Sun 29-Jun-08 17:53:24

"Think out of the box" I cringe at the fact I once used it, only once mind blush Any other management speak blox.

icanonlydotigers Sun 29-Jun-08 21:04:45

"See you later" when you probably won't see them again.
"The jury is out on ..."
"No peace for the wicked"
"I'm going to have to love you and leave you"
"Hoisted by your own petard"
"It's your call"
"In point of fact..."

nervousal Sun 29-Jun-08 21:07:00

"in terms of..."
"at the end of the day"
"thinking out of the box"
"its not a problem - its a challenge"

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