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Does nobody care anymore

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RosaIsRed Mon 17-Mar-08 10:55:19

that refute and rebut are different words with distinct meanings? Or is it too late?

marina Mon 17-Mar-08 10:56:51

I think the poor things are heading the way of infer and imply, Rosa

VintageShamrock Mon 17-Mar-08 10:57:04

Never too late.

Unless it is too late for people to use "jealous" and "envious" correctly.

Then we must just watch it all go down the plughole.

Threadworm Mon 17-Mar-08 10:57:09

Or, even worse, that 'refute' and 'deny' are not the same.

(BTW, Tamburlaine and the Elephants was a huge hit: DS2 read it in one day , he loved it so much.)

BoysAreLikeBunnies Mon 17-Mar-08 10:57:52

It's too late.

The difference between imply and infer are also becoming blurred.


BoysAreLikeBunnies Mon 17-Mar-08 10:58:21

Snap, Marina.

Threadworm Mon 17-Mar-08 11:00:11

Actually, I've just checked OED, and Merriam Webster, and both give one meaning of rebut as being synonymous with refute.

RosaIsRed Mon 17-Mar-08 11:01:05

Oh great Threadworm. I'll tell DD1 that, she will be pleased. Didn't you love the dust jacket? It is one of my favourite book covers for ages.

ac130overurhead Mon 15-May-17 18:31:09

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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