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Reeling in horror - teacher has put a MUST OF in DS's reading record book

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UnquietDad Mon 25-Feb-08 15:54:25

It's there in black biro. In the comment on his record book. Apologising for missing a page and saying they "must of" skipped over it last week.


From a teacher.





It's like finding a turd in his lunchbox.

Help me, pedants. You are my only hope.

(Glances down corridor, bends and removes tape.)

fembear Wed 02-Apr-08 09:08:54

"she still refuses to understand" ... LOL!

I like your explanation 20p. It really bugs me that I can never remember which is which so I have just invented an aide memoire:
You could have an alliterative 'four or fewer' or 'five or fewer' but there is no countable/number which would give an alliteration with the 'l' in less.

twentypence Wed 02-Apr-08 04:05:28

I've used that explanation several times to my own mother and she still refuses to understand. I'm glad to know it's not my explanation.

yogabird Tue 01-Apr-08 19:27:23

twentypence - you star! How clear, how accurate, how I understand it now grin thank you very much

twentypence Tue 01-Apr-08 18:56:33

Fewer people - you could count people.

Less water - you can't count water.

It's to avoid sentences like "There are less qualified scientists" which is ambiguous as it could mean they only have a BSc rather than a Phd or that that they have all buggered off to America leaving the UK short of scientists.

yogabird Mon 31-Mar-08 22:39:35

Clarification needed it fewer items and less people or how does it work? I've wondered about this for a while and asked an English teacher once, she said, 'it's easy, one's countable and one's accountable' What on earth does that mean? Can anyone help?

KerryMum Mon 31-Mar-08 22:28:58

sorry wrong thread!

KerryMum Mon 31-Mar-08 22:28:44

Bone risks for long distance runners

pinkteddy Mon 31-Mar-08 22:21:04

lol at captainmummy and the advertising letter! grin

KerryMum Mon 31-Mar-08 22:08:10

you lot crack me up.

clam Mon 31-Mar-08 22:06:48

Sorry, captain. Mis-leading post. Yes, fewer is correct in that instance. My point was supposed to say that if JL can get that right, then who's responsible for "draw" on the thing UQD was referring to? <Clam retreats blush, realising the stupidity of not proof-reading a post in the Pedant's corner>

captainmummy Mon 31-Mar-08 21:31:22

I thought it was supposed to be 'fewer' if it refered to a number? It always sounds wrong tho.

clam Mon 31-Mar-08 17:07:32

UnquietDad. John Lewis!!!shock. And yet, a fellow pedant commented only last night that Waitrose (JLPartnership) actually goes as far as to write 6 items or fewer on their quickie tills. Someone's head must roll for this.

wotsfortea Mon 31-Mar-08 16:38:51

Or do I mean letters two feet high? (Walks away and ponders.)

Particularly quiet period at work ...

wotsfortea Mon 31-Mar-08 16:32:33

Reminds me of the notice at the school fete which stated 'Cakes can be bought in the Dinning Hall' in two foot high letters in case nobody noticed ....

captainmummy Mon 31-Mar-08 16:27:54

I had an advertising letter sent to me recently, selling I-don't-know-what, but there were literally dozens of grammatical and punctuation mistakes in one A4 sheet. I read half of it (with difficulty, as it seemed to say the exact opposite of what it meant) and sat down with the red pen. I sent it back to the company, with a margin-note - something along the lines of 'is this supposed to make me want to buy from you?'

Never heard back.

UnquietDad Mon 31-Mar-08 16:26:31

clam - believe it or not, the same "draws" mistake turns up on the John Lewis Advent Calendar box.

collision Mon 31-Mar-08 16:24:22

I was helping at school the other day and the teacher (yr 1) wrote




on the board to describe a crocodile.

This means it wasnt a mistake as she did it 3 times!

I was shock but didnt want to come across as a smartarse so said nothing.

Twinkie1 Mon 31-Mar-08 16:17:56

DD has the word camoflage in her spelling book this week - I've corrected it in red pen and put a big red question mark next to it!

angiebaby78 Mon 31-Mar-08 16:13:16

shock by it all!!

Jackstini Mon 31-Mar-08 15:45:55

Notice at our nursery reads 'parents should remover there shoes when entering baby or toddler rooms'
Drives me mad; and yes I have pointed it out!

twentypence Mon 31-Mar-08 03:39:01

Ds went to an open day for gifted children and the first thing the teacher did was write "marvelous" on the board.

So that was marvellous.

clam Sun 30-Mar-08 23:26:10

Seen on a message board outside DD's classroom (at previous school, of course. Had to move her instantly!): Please bring a carrier bag tomorrow. We will be tidying draws.

twentypence Sat 29-Mar-08 05:13:09

Ds had his story writing book corrected. He has been at school a month and so when he sounded out "bought" he just wrote "b g t" and she wrote in the letters to make "brought".

I must ask her if she found anything she wanted to "bruy" in the shop.
Please tell me this is just a NZ thing.

wishfort Sat 29-Mar-08 02:43:17

Bookworm - practise is correct in the context of your daughter's numbers, i.e. it's used as verb.

flirtygerty Thu 27-Mar-08 15:03:38

I've just received a newsletter from preschool that contains more than 20 grammatical & punctuation errors. I'm horrifed. What do you do about it though that doesn't make you seem like a pompous arse?

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