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Reeling in horror - teacher has put a MUST OF in DS's reading record book

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UnquietDad Mon 25-Feb-08 15:54:25

It's there in black biro. In the comment on his record book. Apologising for missing a page and saying they "must of" skipped over it last week.


From a teacher.





It's like finding a turd in his lunchbox.

Help me, pedants. You are my only hope.

(Glances down corridor, bends and removes tape.)

fembear Wed 02-Apr-08 09:08:54

"she still refuses to understand" ... LOL!

I like your explanation 20p. It really bugs me that I can never remember which is which so I have just invented an aide memoire:
You could have an alliterative 'four or fewer' or 'five or fewer' but there is no countable/number which would give an alliteration with the 'l' in less.

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