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Lilly - an incorrect spelling - is the 33rd most popular girl's name of 2007!

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DarthVader Tue 18-Dec-07 17:27:34

How can people give their child a name which is spelt wrong???

Lily is the name of a flower - there is no alternative spelling, just one that says to the world, "my parents cannot spell".

<<<<Ducks to avoid fire as the odds are that loads of mumsnetters have given their child this name>>>

FlamesparodyOfAChristmasName Tue 18-Dec-07 17:49:31

<joins line to point and stare at the parents who can't spell>

Iota Tue 18-Dec-07 17:56:45

perhaps it's not Lily the flower but Lilly the girls name that sounds the same

Califraunkincense Tue 18-Dec-07 17:56:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DarthVader Tue 18-Dec-07 17:57:36

I think there should be a spell check facility at the registry office to avoid years of embarassment later on

I thought the same as Iota.

Iota Tue 18-Dec-07 17:58:25

how about Brooke?

like Brooke Shields

brook the stream is spelt brook

Iota Tue 18-Dec-07 17:58:54


or is that Skye the island so it's ok?

AwayInAMunker Tue 18-Dec-07 17:59:12

DS1 has a name that I spelt correctly and say correctly. However, it's often mispronounced and one woman in particular used to repeat it to me, slowly, with a patronising "oh dear, can't you say your DS's name" look. I murdered her, obviously.

Blandmum Tue 18-Dec-07 17:59:48

Oh calif....I love the name Bronwen!

Fabbo and wonderful

Iota Tue 18-Dec-07 17:59:50

and what about Russell?

that should be spelt Rustle


DarthVader Tue 18-Dec-07 17:59:57

Iota there is no such name as "Lilly", what would "Lilly" be supposed to mean if not the flower?

AwayInAMunker Tue 18-Dec-07 18:00:12

When my parents went to register me, there was a couple there who wanted to call their son "Lovely" because he was.

The registrar sent them away to reconsider their idea.

Perhaps that should be done more now grin

BahHumbugRubyRiojaNoXmasName Tue 18-Dec-07 18:01:41

Short form of Elizabeth? RR is being charitable - at least is a real name as opposed to the 'made up' ones that are popular!

Where are the other results - I love looking snootily at these!

Iota Tue 18-Dec-07 18:05:10

Phil should be spelt Fill

Iota Tue 18-Dec-07 18:05:28

Taylor should be spelt Taylor

Iota Tue 18-Dec-07 18:05:49


Taylor should be spelt Tailor

Califraunkincense Tue 18-Dec-07 18:07:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hulababy Tue 18-Dec-07 18:08:01

On the baby name type websites they spell the name in three ways:


Originas are just given as Lily.

Iota Tue 18-Dec-07 18:08:32

Lilly is also a short form of Lillian

Califraunkincense Tue 18-Dec-07 18:10:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

walkinginawinterBundleland Tue 18-Dec-07 18:10:19

or even Lillie Langtry

Hulababy Tue 18-Dec-07 18:11:29

Lots of names have changed spelling, or rather have additional spelling variations, over the years, for lots of reasons.

I personally tend to prefer the more traditional versions. But prefer something like Lilly to a mde up non-name TBH.

DD's name has two spellings. We chose the less common of the two, but it is a perfectly valid and also an old spelling too. However spend many a time having to correct people's spelling of it.

Iota Tue 18-Dec-07 18:11:30

dammit bundle - they really couldn't spell in the olden days smile

DarthVader Tue 18-Dec-07 18:12:02

Iota is Maffew OK too?

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