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'Within a month'

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blackshoeyellowsocks Fri 19-Jul-19 03:05:04

Don't think this belongs in Pedants' Corner but didn't warrant AIBU either so...

Could somebody clarify whether 'Within a month' would be before or after a certain date please? Eg. "We will write to you within a month of your child's birthday."

Would this be before or after my child's birthday? Sorry if I'm being a bit thickblush

AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Fri 19-Jul-19 03:09:09

After your child's birthday.

blackshoeyellowsocks Fri 19-Jul-19 10:50:28

Thank you!

sausagetown Sun 15-Sep-19 23:15:58

I think it could mean a month either side (i.e. allowing a total period of two months during which they might write to you).

SherlocksDeerstalker Sun 15-Sep-19 23:17:42

It means anything up to a month after their birthday.

msmith501 Wed 25-Sep-19 13:27:59

Disagree... I think it's shorthand for "within a grace period of a month either side of the birthday". I do agree that normal use would suggest that it is within a month after the birthday but strictly speaking I think the word "within" is merely stating how many days to one side or the other of the birthday date.

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